Worst Trip Ever

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  1. Sorry if this is long, I need to share this with you guys.

    My buddy and I had just picked up an eighth of some buddha cheese from a guy we had never bought from but was recommended by a friend. We decided that 1.7 was going to be smoked that night and it ended up being 3 medium sized joints and one fat joint.

    We smoked the fat one first and then about half way through the second, my body started to twitch and my feet started to scratch eachother and I could not stop it. I realized in my head that I had just started to get multiple sclerosis and this was traumatizing as I am a very athletic person. I could see it in my head, me being on the news saying, "I never thought it could happen to me". At this point I had promised to quit smoking and commit myself to Jesus if I didn't get the illness. I was having the biggest panic attack. I made my friend go inside with me and get something to eat. I then began to throw up for about 2 hours all while having these audio hillucinations that were so vivid, so real that I was 100% positive my friend was playing rock band in my room. I finally made it to bed around 4am.

    This all happened the night I got back from vacation so it could be the lack of sleep over 3 days. I also beleive I got food poisoning from Arbys earlier that day. All in all it was a horrible combination.

    Has anyone else had a horrible trip, it might make me feel better about what just happened.
  2. I got fucked up too smoking just never had full on hallucinogens .
  3. Dude, that shit was laced with like PCP or LSD... Idk, just my guess. I had panic attacks with mids but that's just from shitty weed.
  4. You gonna die man! Na just playing bro but I haven't ever heard of this. Probably just a bad high that shit happens sometimes, dont worry about it you'll be fine.
  5. I think you just got high as fuck
  6. I should include that it is not laced because my friend smoked it and he was perfectly fine
  7. You greened out.

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