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worst things to do high

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Tbika, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. There are a lot of threads about the "best stuff to do when your high". So whats the worst thing you've done when you were high that you now know not to even bother trying.

    For me: Dancing
  2. nothings bad high
  3. everything high is better. many people say driving high is dangerouse, but i just cruise thru avenues and shit, so theres not a lot of steering and shit to do so i blaze and cruise. it might be worst for the beginners but i got the hang of it. and im high and probably making no sense, but "mo murda" sounds so damn good right now.
  4. Walk anywhere! :mad:
  5. LOL

    Amen, bro.

    Going out in public is probably the worst things to do. It can be too unsettling.
  6. YEah dude, walking is the one of the worst things.
    But i think the worst thing is trying to make urself look sober.
    It totally kills me at least.
  7. Getting arrested/talking to cops, not fun while high. Luckely I've been lucky and have talked myself out of some bad situations, but I have a few friends who wern't so lucky.
  8. Homework for me.
  9. the worst thing to ever do high is sleep with your best friends mom
  10. amen on the walking
  11. Actually I dont mind walking as long I am walking with someone to talk too.
  12. working, tlak about buzz kill. everyone says they liek to work stoned but man i hate it my high goes away within 20 minutes
  13. everyone keeps saying walking sucks high. i just wanted to add that the hot sun sucks while high. I was recently walking around outside while it was 93 degrees and it was horrible. My girl and I both felt like we were gonna pass out or something. later...
  14. I'd have to say I agree with the walking thing.

    I was blazed once.. and I mean completely blazed.. I just wanted to pass out then and there.. then all of a sudden my mate says "Hey man let's go down to the servo and buy some munchies". I agree 'cause I don't want to sound like a bitch.. so off we go. At this point I'd like to mention I live in Queensland, Australia (Aka 'The Sunshine State'). It was about 38C outside.. So we were walking down to the servo, and the whole time I am just focusing on the road, not listening to anything my mate is babbling on about. When we got to the servo I was covered in sweat and buzzin' like crazy.

    So yes, walking would be the worst, especially in hot conditions.
  15. Oh man..come on you lazy bastards. Walkin high is great, especially late at night on a warm summer night.
  16. Hmm, I don't mind walking at all.
  17. walking for me isnt that bad, but walking through shadows of trees on the street at night....i start to visualize things, like wolves and shit...was crazy

    id have to say the WORST thing to do while high is...going to an amusement park alone, sure doesnt sound bad, but if ur as high as i get, ur gunna do some crazy shit there
  18. Staying outside in the winter. Me and my buddies would always go out to blaze and then we'd go back to my friends house. This one particular day his parents were in a bad mood, and went on about us just using there house as a place where we could be high.

    Anyway, at the time we were all too paranoid to go to our houses (we were still kinda new to blazing). So we pretty much just walked around town talking to people in the freezing cold, which totally killed the high.
  19. I totally agree on that one, walking around on warm summer nights is awesome when your baked.:hello:
  20. Sleeping. Just a complete waste of weed.

    Other than that, everything I do high is great. Of course I haven't had to deal
    with the po-po high, knock wood. But I can't really think of anything else I
    wouldn't want to do high.

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