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Worst thing you broke while high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by maschwa, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. I just dropped my brand new iphone in a pitcher of kool-aid.... :(
  2. never broke anything because i was high.

    i have, however, been known to destroy entire rooms in mere seconds while drunk
  3. I dropped mine in a pot of joke.
  4. One of my bongs.

    If you ever need to get sober real quick,
    knock your dirty bong off the table.
  5. alcohol will do that. i've never wanted to harm anything while high. but sometimes things get dropped. especially pipes. RIP to the many smoking devices that i have dropped
  6. The first time I smoked my dad out he went to take a crap and for some reason put his glasses on the floor... he was sooo stoned he forgot and just stepped on them and broke them in half! We were at his moms house about 250 miles away from his home!
  7. DAMN hopefully you have phone insurance so you can get a new one for cheap that sucks.

    The worst thing I broke was this reaaally expensive sculpture at my friends house... it was late at night and very dark and we were suuuper high, I came out of the bathroom and tried to lean on what I thought was a table, and it happened to be the three legged sculptor thing. It fell to the ground and it was so loud his dad woke up and made everyone leave... luckily it only chipped this one part on the side off and I don't think his parents ever noticed the damage.
  8. I was tokin out of my window with my bowl. I set it out there and closed the window, then opened the window and my bowl fell 15 feet or so hahahahah but it was ok :)

  9. Your mom never taught you not to text and stir?
  10. I didn't personally break it, but my friend fucking tripped over this:

    Not even a week old, $300 and we all chipped in on it... Neck broke right off, guy at the headshop said he didn't have a kiln big enough to repair it. For it's short life it was the best bong I've ever smoked out of. RIP
  11. A guitar string.

    I was PISSED!
  12. ive never roken anything, but i watched my friend break my 50 dollar ash catcher then tip over my 225 dollar roor.
  13. My penis............. I didn't really break it..................but it felt like I did tho.
  14. My gfs face
  15. I have major butterfingers when I'm baked, but I've learned to take precautions lol. Broke my pipe, bought a new one and broke it the next day. Gooood times.
  16. This:


    R.I.P. Clear Bong :cry::cry::cry::cry:

    And the green pipe in this picture:


    R.I.P. Green Pipe :(:(:(

    Both the bong and pipe were bought by my brother who is now in jail, he was tellin me about how he cant wait to get out and use them the day I told him that I broke BOTH of them in the same week. I literally cried blood when I broke that bong, a piece of glass flew into my foot and it bled fucking EVERYWHERE.

    Edit: Also broke the pipe that I bought the day I turned 18 within 2 weeks after getting it, as well as other pipes that I broke on purpose for raisins. lol.
  17. Broke? Nothing

    Although I did lose my hat, belt and glasses tonight
  18. During a group sesh, the cat jumped on my lap with her claws out. I flinched, she went straight for the coffee table. Head-on collision with THIS. Luckily all that broke was the ash catcher, or we'd be out a bong AND a cat :devious:
  19. HVY bongs are my favorite, they are nice and generally arent like all the bongs that are so popular today(just a straight tube with percs, garbage). They look nice, smoke nice, and I love the designs they put on them..Youre lucky yours didnt break mine did now all I got of it is a piece of the bong that didnt break and that picture I posted up there^^^

  20. Old red bowl i dropped only had it one day

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