Worst thing to even happen while high?

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  1. Im just curious as to what everones worst moment was while high?
  2. It was either when my buddies house got raided while I was there, or when my car broke down 5 miles from home.
  3. When I dislocated my shoulder. Scariest shit ever when you are high.
  4. being arrested
  5. Ive already posted this story, but idc, Im posting it again!

    So it is a nice summer night, Me and my boy/Dealer (Big big dealer) are chilling at his crib, He lives with his parents and his room is the basement, But theres a door that leads to the outside. Its about 11 o'clock at night, And we were just in his room smoking blunts and bongs. He gets a call from dude who calls from a private number and my boy made them call from a normal number, So they did. They wanted 12 Oxycontin 80mg's, Which was about 700 dollars. So my dude has him come over to get them, So we wait.

    We hear a knock at the door and 2 guys were there, One was in his mid 20's, other couldent have been older than 22. I let them in, And i instanly noticed they REEKED of Alchohol. After about 5 minutes i could tell they were really drunk. They say they need an Oz of some dro to, Which was 200 bucks. So my boy pulls out about 6 Oz's and starts weighing it out. the Older dude says "Give me that shit" And goes to grab the 6 O's that are in a big freezer bag, But my freind was quick and pulled it back before he could grab it.
    My freind is like "Get out of my motherfucking house you mother fucking Scum bags." Also, i knew my dealer had a gun, He showed it to me before, He tells everyone he has it, Just so everyone knows that hes packin heat to.

    The one younger guy then slides over the table tackles my boy to the ground and i was like "Oh fuck no, this shit cant fucking happen." then the other guy joins in, i remember seeing the older guy ontop of him hitting him and the younger guy kicking him in his torso/ribs. I had to try to get these big motherfuckers off of my freind.
    So i push the guy thats kicking him and throw a punch, I hit him right above his left eye, And that did nothing but make him lose balance and go into a rage. He charges at me, grabs my by my neck and like literally throws my across the room, And i hit my head on a computer desk. i blacked out. I wake up in what seemed like forever, And the younger dude is choking me! Who the fuck strangles an unconscious person? my head was bleeding, And I thought i was about to die, I started blacking out. I swear, i saw my life flash before my eyes. I got a sudden burst of adrenalin and i pulled his hand off my neck, And i tohught he was about to steal something off the computer desk, He reaches up and i see him take the GUN!

    He is ontop of me, With my boys gun inhis hand, He puts it to my Head, While this is going on i hear my boy Screaming for his dad. The gun is at my head, I close my eyes and hear"*Click* *click*". I started crying, I was so scared.
    the next thing i know i see his dad grab the dude that was on me, And he puts him in a choke hold. i get up and i punched the dude in his face about 3 times, As hard as i could. I think i shatterd his nose.

    His dad throws the guy on the ground, And the dudes bleeding all over.
    the other guy that was fighting with my friend booked towards the door but my freinds dad grabbed him by the collar on his shirt, And then puts THIS dude in a choke hold. So my boy Sucker punches him in his face about 6 times. My boy told me i cant tell what happend after that so i wont, but damn, This was the scariest night of my life and i got a concussion from hitting my head, And had to get 7 Stitches.
  6. Interesting story. I am curious to know what happened though. I assume the cops were not called so ya'll prolly took justice into your own hands....stupid mofo's...good job man. In the future, don't let some chump pull a gun on you ;)
  7. Did your friend's dad at least make him stop dealing after that shitshow?
  8. Dude that was fucked up? Kinda the same thing happened but no guns to heads but there were guns in the mix. Me an my dad threw a kegger and a buddy of mine invited this dude the was coked out and drunk. Long story short my dad tells him to leave and he punches my dad and i come out of no were and deck the dude. His head bounces off the concret floor. He gets up and says im goin to my car and get my gun. Well me and my dad go lock and load our shot guns and a 9mm and a .45. Ended up they just fucked up our mail box and i fired a shot in the air and they took off.
  9. Panic attack. Thought I was dead, believed God existed, etc. I was completely delusional for a few hours.
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    probably my first bong cracking when switching between hot and cold water while washing it out high - eager to get more high - with that broken bong. felt like ass

    or after finding out that all my dealers were dry i had to go 30 mins on public transit to get to some random dealer then 30 minutes back then exiting the bus, feeling that something is missing and yep my phone was gone, left it on the bus. then going home and finding the weed was low mids. double ass shit fuck munch.

    i hate when you think you lost something and you get all like panicky and shit cause you touch like a couple pockets. then you find it in the last or one of the last pockets and your like phew thank you. AND i MURDER HATE when you think you lost something and you touch the first couple pockets and you get all panicky then you touch all the pockets realizing you fucking lost watever you had. feels like total shatfest

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