$#%^ worst thing just happend.. quick advice

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sizzlasia, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. I had my indoors outside soaking up some sun for obvious reasons, and there was a thin piece of wood that fell over and split two of my BB strains tops almost completely off... now they were still about half connected and I stood them back up

    What should I do? right now the stems are back up straight but will they survive? any ideas or advice would be great... the other one was topped and it split it almost in half, one side being barely connected

    will the plants fix this themselfs or should i just cut* it off and suck up a huge loss
  2. only time will tell. there has been few that came back from the dead
  3. Splint + electrical tape. The plants will go into shock for awhile but should grow back stronger than ever. Act quickly, the longer before it's splinted the less likely it is to heal.
  4. I splinted it immediately.. zip tied it to a stick holding it up in normal place... i need electrical tape too?
  5. applying honey to the break before splinting quickens the healing process.
  6. Could you back that up, please? I could see it's use in preventing exposure to air and possible infection (like electrical tape), but I seriously doubt it quickens the process by any measure.
  7. could you just cut the broken tips cleanly and root them? Is there enough time for your plant to bounce back from this unintentional topping?
  8. not necessary as long as you have the break secured. the plant will most likely be fine after several days of shock/regrowth. there will be a nice "knuckle" where the break is.

    plants of all kinds are surprisingly resilient and can come back from 80% tears even, as long as they are properly splinted!

    just dont mess around with her while she's bandaging herself, just make sure the splint is holding her in place nicely and let her fix herself! :cool:
  9. One bigger plant will always outyield two smaller plants with a fucked up vegetation and root system, respectively.
  10. The one that got hit and knocked almost completely off, the top died alost right away.. the other plant that was split down the middle like an ax chopped it seems to be doing alright..

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