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Worst Superpower To Have When High?

Discussion in 'General' started by naffi, May 2, 2014.

  1. Worst superpower to have when high is the question.
    I feel like teleportation would up in the top if not the worst.
    Imagine being higher then a 12 feet wide kite at full length rope
    and stargazing then suddenly BAMF (thank you marvel Nightcrawler)
    you're in space.
    Or waking up on a random island every time after you take a high nap.
    what do yous guys say?

  2. No superpower would be the worst will high.

    They would all kick ass! 
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  3. lazer eyes like the guy from x-men. just having to wear douchey ass glasses all the time, fuck that

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  4. Im trying hard to think of something clever or something that would suck high
    Maybe being fast at dishes because dishes suck 
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    Super speed would suck. You'd be so stoned you could never really use it :(
  6. im not seeing how teleportation could be a negative, waking up in space or on some random tropical island would be awesome man. assuming you dont die in the vacuum of space that is. 
  7. Flying. 
    You won't pay attention, then BAM! Wall.
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    What about one of those crazy viagra 3-hour erection when you are trying to go out in public.
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  9. anything violent would suck high
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  10. Well only if you have a conscious. Who really has those these days though?
  11. That's a super power?  :eek:
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  12. I am not saying me...
  13. The power of Extreme Weed Tolerance would really suck. Always tryin' to get there but never will. 
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  14. cyclops from x mens power.

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  15. I feel like super speed would be the worst it's like damn I'm high and I just want to walk around for once

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  16. The ability to produce unlimited healthy snacks

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    Id have thought even with super speed you'd be able to walk around at a normal pace on command. Otherwise that would suck sober too

    Ex. - tries to walk to the door. Walks through the closed door.

    Edit: I pick super imagination powers to suck the most. Imagine the paranoia

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  18. Probably super hearing.

    High as shit, and you hear siren 5 miles away, and you freak out thinking its right outside your door

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