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  1. I just saw the thread about funny/odd things about your dealer and it got me thinking about what dealers put your weed in. Some dealers are good, using sturdy ziploc bags, some are cheap and get those weird sandwich bags with no ziploc. Then there are just fucked up times where they bring tinfoil and other shit. Whats the worst/weirdest thing your buds come in?

    The worst for me has to be my current dealer, We like to buy weight to cut the costs down (4-5 people a qp-6o's :smoking:) and he seems to bring it in the most shittiest, thinnest ripped plastic bag you'll ever see. These look like 3 year old bags you get at convenince stores, the ones that don't even make it to your house before they rip. I mean come on, we're usually pitching over 5 bills, the least you can do is put it in a 5 cent ziploc bag. :mad: :rolleyes:
  2. One time, I paid 180 for an ounce. Guy drives to Luke's house... and hands Luke a digital camera bag, and says "Give it to me at school tomorrow". He then drove off.

    Few times in a sandwich bag, too.

    EDIT: Oh, and he ripped us off huge. Was only 16g. We never got our money or bud. Meh.
  3. When I was in colorado with my ex gf over spring break, we were leaving the mountain early (she fell and hurt herself, lol) and a boarder dude and chick asked us if they could clip our lift tickets to use for the rest of the day. My girl thinks quickly and asks if they know where we can get some bud. So this guy asks for my girls glove and nonchalantly drops some weed from his pocket into her glove.

    So my ex gf's sweaty glove after a half day of skiing is the oddest packaging I've ever gotten
  4. I went to cop an 8th and the guy couldn't find anything to put the weed in. He finds a plastic bag of incense, empties it and throws it in there. I get home to take it out of the bag, but the incense residue did the job; I now had lavender scented (and tasting) weed. On the bright side I didn't have to hide the weed smell from my parents.
  5. Tin foil, this ain't crack.
  6. nothing like smoking some good ol' sweaty herb haha thats pretty cool though.

    eh not really strange packaging, but i met up with a new dealer one time and first of all he looks like a straight up squirrel with down syndrome, and mumbles so much you cant even understand him, then pulls out that old ass keychain scale to weigh out half a zip. turns out later on, it was 3grams short:/ ha shits weakk!
  7. my dealer just put straight bud in my hand once. I was pissed but I found an envelope in my car so it was all good
  8. Ive gotten dubs in the plastic wrapping off of Kool cigs and the end is melted together.
  9. An 8th wrapped in crumpled notebook paper..


    With drawings and homework on the paper..
  10. lol I had this happen the other day. I didn't really mind once I got home and found out he gave me an eighth for $10 :hello:
  11. An eighth wrapped in a jewel plastic bag or a paper towel.
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    My old dealer was EXTREMELY paranoid so when he stoped by my house once i gave him the money and he handed me a pizza box and walked away.
  13. One time I got dub in some torn black plastic bag. Another time about a week after easter I bought a gram of some dank and he put it in a little plastic egg.
  14. this made me lol.
  15. Strangest would easily be til foil back in high school.. :rolleyes:

    Whenever I'm working, I sometimes donate sacks that are in coffee cups with lids and hot sleeves, the whole deal, hahah. Let's just say, some people love picking up sacks with a free cup of Starbucks :D

    Drive-thru makes it even easier, lol.
  16. i knew a guy who used to keep his bud in his fold up compass, he liked to hike and toke. once i bought an eighth off him and he handed me a compass with bud in it.
  17. you guys know how shoe companies package their shoes in a box wrapped in that thin paper with their logo?

    i got a sack once in a vans shoe paper wrapper thing from inside the box....not even the entire paper...

    I hate it when dealers do that...so now when i pick up i carry around my dank tank/med bottle. Not the typical one either, one of the squeeze and pop ones. No loosing bottle caps for me! I can usually fit around 4 grams in that thing =D.
  18. - Tin foil
    - Saran wrap
    - An empty pack of smokes
    - One of those plastic eggs that are like kinder surprises
    - straight bud, no bag at all (i was not fucking happy)
    - Pill bottles

    Oh, and I have also gotten Black Oil in bottle caps, and the bottom of pop cans that were cut off.

    I'm pretty sure there was quite a few more, but I can't remember what
  19. i like the pizza box idea, will have to put it on my list. tks
  20. in a sea shell at the beach.

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