Worst Stoner You've Ever Met (Share Your Story)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Silent Bob_, May 19, 2010.

  1. Okay sorry guys while my story might not seem like a big deal it was jsut an unusually dickish move because fellow marijuana enjoyers like myself are usually very laid back. Today after my college classes ended I was sittin there talking to some friends (all but 2 don't smoke not including me). For like 2 weeks we've (me and the other 2 stoners) been planning to break in two people who don't smoke, well one backed out, but the other said that they'd still do it and as I'm sitting there talking one of the other two stoners (the bitch) says I can't come with them even though it's the other stoners weed and not hers or mine. No throughout the past couple of months I've given this stoner half of basically all of my weed and when I asked him about it he said it was only half his as he had only paid half of it. The other buyer who I'm buds with (and shared half my weed with on 4/20) and HATES the bitch stoner says its cool and so did the other even though they're both quiet and won't argue with the bitch. O Yeah BTW the soon-to-be smoker is also bringing 4 cousins who aren't paying that have never even met my friends in order to use up their weed. Tomorrow, when it's gonna happen, there's prolly gonna be an arguement and there are 2 likely results: 1. The bitch'll argue with me, but eventually i'll get some weed or 2. She'll argue with me and then won't let me smoke because she has the piece (i think) and the lighter (prolly). Also, I can't go buy any myself because I just spent a ton of money on some seeds at Attitude and I was gonna share my weed with all my friends, but I guess that means more fucking weed for me come november. Thanks For Listening to This Rant, Now If You'd like post yours! :yay::hello:
  2. Most of my friends. 90% of them, in fact.

    It's not so much that they're uneducated about Cannabis (well, some of them), they're simply belligerent, unintelligible, obnoxious, and your typical 'will-sell-anything-to-score-a-hit' kinds of people. Hard to relate to any of them on a personal level when it comes to smoking, honestly.

    I try and hang out with the latter 10% as often as possible.

  3. wow reminds me of the fuckers who always call me up when they dont have weed and when they do and i dont..its like they dont even know me, but its all good cause im the one with the nice bongs and the dankest nugs and its funny when they call and i pretend like i have no idea who they are.. hahaha fuck them

    but in all honesty.. i think its better..or more worth it..when you have a few stoner friends who are legit and also buy nugs with you and go halfsies with you instead of you smoking them out all the time. if that bitch doesn't have nugs tell that bitch to go make you a sandwhich or something, o woop dee do she has the lighter, go get anohter one lol, they're a dollar. and she has apipe? make a water bottle bong or rolla join or blunt
    problem solved, just dont let that bitch blze ;)
  4. Lol a sandwich and fastest replies i've ever gotten. The thing with the pipe is though we all like them alot better than our homemade one's (actually it doesn't matter to me) the lighter is no prob, but luckily I should be gettin a pipe soon and one of my chill friends is gettin 2 we have another friend who blows glass that making em for 10 bucks apiece.
  5. i have one friend who is an idiot when high. he acts like he dropped acid and is really loud and annoying.
  6. I have another friend who gets so paranoid that he hid under a bridge once.
  7. I have one friend who trips balls heres a couple instances:

    1. Had girls over and this dude is crying he is so baked

    2. He was "sayin take me back" and "I see jesus" repeatdly

    3. Threw up on my carpet

    4. On the ground convulsing and shaking

    5. All i said is "I wanna be that high" (like wanted to be as high as he was) and he could not stop laughing for an hour

    And he never pays at all but hes really poor. BTW im super high right now:smoke:
  8. dam you're a lucky guy, if my friend blew glass, hahaha i think i would have such an enormous collection
    btw, have you blown glass before? or watched? is ithard?
  9. There was this chick who went to my middle school. She was INCREDBILY hot, and she knew it(7th grade, D cups, she didnt stuff, and she wasnt fat.), and she was basically queen bitch. the weed she smoked(every day) was stolen, or bought with money her mom gave her to go to the movies with. shes smoking joints on fucking field trips(im serious. she rolled a 3 hit joint, and smoked it at an aquarium.). Basically, she did whatever the fuck she wanted, smoked the best weed. shed get smoked out after a lapdance. all this while im saving stems and everything ,so i can smoke them every 1-3 months. it just pisses me off. and she was a BITCH. but enough of that, shes a fuckup now. and im the same. ^^

    for all of those who dont wanna read it: theres a bitch who gets whatever she wants, while i had to WORK for my weed and clothes and stuff. but thats life. get high.
  10. oh god, i forgot! there was this guy who would try to sell me something EVERY FUCKING DAY. it would always be like "heyyyy man, i got a pipe thats brand new for 50..... interested?". the pipe always turns out to be used ALOT, the bud is always shit bud, and not enough. He is the guy who fuckin sold me a .3 bag of shit weed for $10. fuckkk man.
  11. Nah I've never watched, but I'd love to learn. I'd make bongs pipes and all sorts of awesome things. I gotta find a class or ask him to teach me.
  12. reminds me of the story about that hen that was baking bread and no one would help em make it but once it was made she got all that shit because only she made it.

  13. LOL when i trip acid, im quiet.

    But heres am axample of an annoying stoner:

    your rolling a blunt like at a party or somethin, some guy walks up and says "shit! some preety good dank yu rollin?" haha. of course it is. but hes like "man imma go grab some herb to throw on it."

    andways, he wont show up untill the fucking blunt is rolled, and im sparking it, and he pops out of the ground. "OH u already rolled it?? can i get in on it?" haha since imma nice guy, ill let this motherfucker and 2 of his friends hit it while im tryna get own homies high too, assuming he'll throw on the next blunt since he said he has herb. anyways, blunt finishes, i ask "yo, i got another blunt, u got inns?" fool looks at me like im crazy and says "man... im so high. thanks for the smokeout!"

    ahahha motherfucker. go scrape up the shake from my table.
  14. Had a buddy who couldn't shut his okole after smoking some bud. He used to let out a steady stream of fart pretty much the whole time. Talk about a weak shutter. He also would yell shit out of the ride. We just got done making a run to Foodland, when he decided to talk some shit to a big ass Samoan moke that we all knew would have no trouble breaking his face. He barely let out "Kef..." and was basically knocked out of his shoes. You never even think of saying "kefe" around a Samoan in HI....
  15. Met this friggin guy in highschool a few years back, we chilled for a bit like every single day, but every time he brought a girl over to my house she would climb all over me and I would end up fucking her. Needless to say he got pretty jealous but there was really nothing I could do about how the girls felt, and I honestly did try to make them not like me by being arrogant and selfish but it only made them even more attracted to me. LOL. Anyway this guy mooched mad weed off me for a long time before I eventually got sick of it, after fucking a lot of his friends that are girls I guess he decided he was sick of mooching off me too, I walked by his place the other day and it was for sale, I walked by today and it was sold. Looks like he moved. This fool lives with his mom, hes got no job, no ambition, and absolutely nothing going for him in life. His mom kicked him out many times last year and I always allowed him to stay in my appartment and he actually got me evicted while I was at work. Even after that, I moved on and found another place, let him stay with me a few more times just because I'm a generous person I guess and I couldn't say no to him. I tried really hard to be a good friend to him but hes just a dumb kid, he really is. And for him to just simply stop talking to me, is fucked up. After all I've ever done for him.

  16. He sounds kinda douchey, but put yourselves his shoes. You bring some hot chick you want to nail to chill with a friend and every fucking time the chick ends up with your friend. Sounds like it would piss anyone off
  17. forgot to mention how he would bitch and moan all fucking night long and start crying and and made an even bigger loser out of himself infront of the girls, and like he would just be such a goof that they started to not like him, but yo how could it be such a dick move like, i seriously pushed them away and they came onto me twice as much, and for my friend to be kicked out of his moms place in the middle of winter is shitty, but it was really nice of me to give him a warm place to stay was it not?

    In my mind, he pretty much had bigger responsibilities to look after. Like finding an income, and a place to live...... and not to mooch off me forever.

    Its not like I didnt have him set up with welfare and shit, all he had to do was show up, but no he was to busy getting high with his friends (who arent his friends anymore because they are all losers).... wow what a fucking story, what fucked up people, :laughing:
  18. No I agree with you, kid sounds like a douche. I can just see why he would be pissed off in that situation

  19. Bring you're own piece and lighter problem solved

    Or better yet, buy your own weed so no one can dicatate what you can or cannot smoke. I hate people like that

  20. I have one of those friends, he's black.

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