Worst Stoner Fail

Discussion in 'General' started by DrinkBongWater, May 10, 2011.

  1. This is my personal worst fail.

    It was a couple years ago and me and my friends decided we were going walk to the edge of campus to smoke a few bowls of weed that my friend had recently picked up. We did not have a pipe on us at the time so we decided to go the ghetto rout and buy and apple from the caffeteria to drill two holes in to make a pipe. I was given the the monumental task of carrying the apple. The problem with this was that I somehow forgot what the apple was for and started eating it when we were almost at the spot. When we got there we needed the apple to make the pipe with so my friend asked me for the apple to find that it was already half eaten. We ended up having to make a pipe out of a pen cap.
  2. you can still make the apple hittable if its half eaten. as long as you can make a hold for a chamber/bowl and mouthpiece (2 holes) your fine, or 3 holes if you want a carb.
  3. Next time if your in need of a pipe, use a carrot. Maybe then you wouldn't munch it on accident unless your a veggie lover like me ;)

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