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Worst smoking experience you've had

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cherrygarcia, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. I had just bought my first pipe and 1/8 ever, and I had just gotten back into my car, looking for a place to toke up. Of course, I had smoked a bit with the guy I bought from, and I was pretty inexperienced at the time. Stopped at a light, I notice some smoke come out of the tailpipe of the car ahead of me. At the next light, I realize that it's not smoke from their tailpipe, it's actually coming out of the vents in my car. Naturally, I freak out, pull into the first parking lot I find, and pop the hood.

    My radiator is on fire.

    Of course, I have no water in my car or a fire extinguisher, and I'm too stoned to realize that I could run to the movie theater at the other end of the parking lot to get one. I call 911 and the police and fire department come. By the time they get there, the fire is almost out, but the policeman walks past my passenger window and sees a new piece and 1/8 sitting on my seat.

  2. Cheetos are amazing, the original not the poofy ones :D
  3. I've smoked with someone and they just started breaking out in tears and started crying for 5 minutes.
  4. Well this was years and years ago, about 9 or 10 actually(i was about 14 or 15 at the time), but basically my friend and me go to some loser's grandparent's nearly million dollar house(friend knew him). So we smoke and we were outside and the loser's gf and her friend are leaving, this other random chick is still there with us. Then the other two throw the car in reverse and start to come back and start screaming at the other chick that she fucked the loser kid or blew or some shit like that. Then they no bullshit proceed to beating the shit out of her, like full on shit you would only expect to see from males. definitely the worst and so fucked up
  5. "worst time is the first time." 5 years ago I had never seen weed in my life, i was 17 and met this dude at work who had recently moved to my town from Portland. he asked me if id ever smoked weed and honestly i didnt know what the shit looked like, but i guess i wasnt feeling too honest, so I told him yea. Anyways, I ride over to his house the next day and my friend Doodoo is there chillin with him. Doodoo knew me from school so she knew i had no experience smokin lol, she was like "the fuck you doin here?" I told her "Im here to smoke some weed." she immediately points out the fact that i dont get high so now the dude from work thinks Im some square that lies about shit to be cool, which unfortunately at the time I was. (thank god for marijuana) this makes it extremely awkward for a bit, not to mention getting high for the first time of someone elses expensive shit lol. he loads a big snap of some granddaddy in a one footer and hands it to me. "Here ya go. smoke it all.", now Im like "fuck yeah." I roast the bowl and instantly start coughing lol. i was coughing so hard my throat wasnt allowing air back in my throat so i freak out and grab my water, dropping the bong in the process. daaaammnn yo. in about 30 seconds i got super blazed to the point my vision was honey combing. i had tunnel vision into a hexagon, and surrounding that hexagon, in a soccer ball pattern, were more hexagons, with the exact same image as the middle hexagon my vision was tunneling into. i now wholeheartedly think im dying. so i go sit in the yard to die, totally tripping balls just starring into the grass telling everyone " I dont like this." repetitively until they tell me to sit it out and then come inside, i pass out in this mother fuckers yard for like 4 hours and wake up at around 10 pm. I go inside and see them playing xbox in his room so i go munch on somethin. while making a sandwich, i closed a pantry door loud enough to wake up his obese grandmother so she could come tell us how big of pieces of shit we are, so i take my ass home.

    never smoked weed
    met this dude and lied and said i smoked weed
    went to his house my friend was there who knew i didnt smoke and made it apparent so the dude thought i wasnt cew. smoked a pinch of chronic and tripped balls in his yard until i passed out for 4 hours.
    made a sandwich.
    (too loudly.)
    his fat grandma yelled at us.
    i went home.
  6. Couple weeks back. Smoked with cousin and her boyfriend, and they're telling me how cops were at the neighbors apartment hours before, and that their landlord knows they get high. So here I am just freaking the fuck out the entire time we're watching "Friends with Benefits" (good ass flick) and bolt the second it's over. Then to top it off, I go home, pass out, and wake up sick as hell. It wound up being the stomach flu, but I haven't had the urge to really smoke since. Throw in the fact that they mostly roll joints (own bowl and hookah but hardly use them) and I've just not been digging it. Prefer using pieces over joints any day of the week.

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