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Worst smoking experience you've had

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cherrygarcia, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Hey guys
    I'm pretty sure we've all had some amazing times while stoned, and there are plenty of threads about that but I was wondering what the worst of your highs were like? I've had some pretty shitty high times, lets try to make a collection of our mishaps and oh-shit moments, it might make for some funny reading.

    I'm currently comming down off a top 10 worst, hopefully after a good nights rest I can clear things up but here goes;

    Dont ever smoke in a place that's actually haunted. There was my first mistake. When you go to a school with a long history of nasty accidental and strange deaths on campus, it's not a good idea to pick the lock to what essentially was a civil war-era dungeon of a fort (yea its on campus. that reallllly narrows down the list of schools lol) and blaze up inside. I had heard some pretty interesting stories before about the room itself being haunted, no stupid Ghost stories but things that physics just cant explain. (such as a candle lighting on its own. I saw it happen once sober, completely serious.) its a popular hang out spot for drinking but nobody wanted to smoke there, so I decided what the hell I was gonna sit back watch a movie (either fight club or boondock saints) and get stoned. Sit down, get comfortable, lay out my pieces get the bud and grinder on the table, and I sneak away to take a piss. I come back, my bubbler is gone. Highly strange, since it was the first piece I took out of my pocket and the one I was most looking foward to using. searched the entire room. Gone. trust me, earthly being got in there without me seeing it, I pissed on the wall down the hall of this creepy fuckin building. Whatever I thought, sat down turned on my laptop, and noticed my charger was gone. its always in my bag. didnt have nearly enough battery life for the movie so I figured hell I just put my Ipod on. That, and my new headphones were no longer in my bag. Maybe it was my adderall (prescribed for ADHD) or maybe im just fucking nuts but I kinds started to panic. figured I was gonna smoke something before that shit vanished too. grabbed my glass blunt and packed her tight, and lit a candle I found in the corner of the room. just kinda sat and thought, and the more I thought the more I saw faces in the shadows and I started remembering the stories of some of the shit that happened here. (all actual documented events, again not Ghost stories) such as a kid I had met once who died changing the oil in his car when the jack broke and it crushed him, on the road right outside the room I was in, or the kid who had a sudden heart attack in the chapel in the fort, and the numerous other stories of strange happenings. I grabbed my shit and got out of there
    with a hit or two still left in the pipe, I walked cautiously back to the dorms, planning to search my room for any of the missing items. I put the piece down behind a bush just around the corner from the dorm, and go inside. Nothing, its all missing. I dropped my bag off in a study lounge to finish the rest of the bud, smoke a cig and then try to relax. I turn the corner, and there is a cop car sitting right across from the bush, cop in the drivers seat. lights off, just sitting there. quickly I let a cig and kept walking trying not to draw attention to myself. made a whole lap around campus, the fucker was still there. Now, with 30 minuets of battery left Im sitting in the study room typing away waiting for the adderall tweak to wear off, with a strangely nonchalant attitude waiting for this shitstorm to be over. Probably not my worst high but definately my most frustrating
  2. Another troll thread?
  3. tl:dr

    replying based on title:

    I picked up hella trees and split it with my friend... we grinded up like 2g's, and he was rolling a blunt (we were both already high) and he asked me to close the grinder, I accidentily drop the grinder and spill 2 grams of top shelf all over the car.

    I couldent stop laughing.... It was sooo fucking funny to me for some reason.

  4. sounds like a waste of bud.
  5. I have a lot but I just don't remember all of them. One time me and my friend smoked on top of some mountain over looking the highway. It was the sickest view but when we came down to his car the battery was dead and there was literally no one around to help us. We pushed it all the way down to some bridge and a truck pulls up. This wasn't just any truck though. I shit you not it was a cop with a drug sniffing dog in the back and it was barking like a wild beast when he pulled up next to us. My grinder was literally sitting right in the open on the back seat. Luckily for us cops don't carry around the cables you use to jump start cars so he was back on his was pretty quickly. We got lucky but it still sucked pushing his car all that way. Someone eventually stopped and pulled us back to his house with there car.
  6. [quote name='"Vash92"']tl:dr

    replying based on title:

    I picked up hella trees and split it with my friend... we grinded up like 2g's, and he was rolling a blunt (we were both already high) and he asked me to close the grinder, I accidentily drop the grinder and spill 2 grams of top shelf all over the car.

    I couldent stop laughing.... It was sooo fucking funny to me for some reason.[/quote]

    Hahaha I know exactly what you mean. I dropped my friends brand new glass Sherlock pipe on the floor shattering it to pieces during a sesh. Everyone in the circles jaws dropped and they all just stared at me and I just instantly bursted out laughing. (I'm not a dick, the guys like a brother to me. It was okay to laugh) I fully payed him back for it too.
  7. OP i think you're just goin crazy from that adderall.
  8. At one point I almost fainted after doming a really fat bowl and had this intense throbbing and ringing in my ears, couldn't hear anything, vision fuzzed out, felt tingling everywhere, heart rate tripled and got sweaty as fuck, so scary!
  9. I took a hit out of a homemade bong and and had a mini seizure
  10. The worst for me was probably the first time hitting my friends gravity bong. He made one out of those giant pretzel jars you can get at Costco. I ripped about half of it 6 times or so (still kind of a noob at the time). After I puked on my friends patio me and another friend went to a tunnel to sit for a little bit.

    After sitting there for a few minutes I started to puke again, mostly because of the heat (middle of summer in Vegas). Worst part of that was that where I puked had a slight hill and I was sitting at the bottom of it so it ended up rolling towards me haha.

    After we sat in the tunnel for about 10 minutes I got the energy to walk back to my house and take a nice long shower and nap lol.
  11. [quote name='"SingleActionSix"']Another troll thread?[/quote]

    You serious dude?
    Grow up
  12. This happened to me Saturday night and is my only bad experience.
    So I was sitting in my car toking in my work's parking lot after work, then I notice a coworker (he blazes) get in his car next to me.
    We then look at each other and he asks me if I wanna smoke and I'm like hell yes I do.

    So I get in his car, take one hit, then somehow spill the coke in between my legs (was in a styrofoam cup with those shitty lids) all over my pants and I am just soaked.
    Then, his car door breaks from the inside and he can't get out he's like "are you fuckin kiddin me ahhh!!!!" and I'm just dying laughing at this point so I get out, open his door, then go back to my car and fill up my one hitter again and drive home
  13. Some gangstas smoked me out. then tried and failed at stealing my bowl.
  14. i was high as fuck then my grandma calls me crying and says my grandpa had a heart attack n died ( i live with my grandparents) that was the worst day of my life being high made it so much worst
  15. My worst experience was getting really high when using my vaporizer for the first time.
    I was shaking uncontrollably in my bed, and my mouth kept salivating like it does when you're about to throw up, it lasted about 30 mins.
  16. My friends who are prescribed Adderall or Vyvanse say that when combined with weed they trip out too... Maybe you should try smoking a bowl or two in a SAFE place after your morning pill.
  17. this kid we know once shit himself in a forest ....he literally said i need to poo ...and went into a bush and had a little worst expierence was when i whiteyed and everythin went fuzzy and i was still high after i was sick....but all the funness was gone and it waas deppressing oh and sweaty blergh
  18. Just today during my wake and bake on my way to school I almost fainted because I didn't eat and was dehydrated.
  19. smoked 5 bowls of mids out of my bubbler and ate a big firecracker I packed with my leftover stash (9 grams of mids, weighed out).

    felt so bad within 30 minutes I had to crawl to bed to lay down and just let myself fall asleep.
  20. I was so lit one time...First time I ever smoked, fuckin' gone. Came home on a munchy rampage scouring the entire fuckin' house, just flippin' shit over, tearin' couch cushions...I'm talkin' about the fuckin' works here, straight B'n E shit here.

    Woke up the next day and noticed an empty bag of Cheetos, and not a fuckin' mini ass grab bag either...Big fuckin' bag. I fuckin' hate Cheetos.:cool:

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