WORST smoke session ever, but best at the same time.

Discussion in 'General' started by SkateDatHipster, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. So me and 3 other guys were driving around, and i suggested lets toke up wit hthe nice shit we all have then go see harold and kumar 3d. so we did, and we were really, really high. devon couldn't stop laughing, it was hilarious. but anyways, devon works at the movies so the manager probably knew. and after that, amazing, hilarious movie was over, our "friend" jon called the cops because we were toking, and we woulden't take him home. hes super anti-drug. So after that happens we have nowhere to stay, so we go to devon's super ghetto ass neighborhood and we have to sleep in the car. now its only me and seth left in the car, and we just sit there for awhile. then we decide we are gonna walk to my house cause we're coming down and its aight. (my house is over 10 miles away) we don't have a car so he wanted us to walk. well we got about 5 mins down the road, and it starts raining. hard. we start to see a car come by and we ran as fast as possible behind a bush, and there she blows, a cop driving past. we go to the woods beside this small shopping center and stay there for about an hour trying to figure out what the hell to do, and finally after seeing like 5 more cops patroling the area we run like hell back to devon's car. but his grandparents are visiting so we cant stay in the car or else they will see in the morning. we go sit and lay down under this weird bush roof thing beside a fence, still wet as hell and we are beyond soaked. after we see them leave we get in the car and "sleep" (like 30 mins) till devon wakes up and takes us home.

    I feel like it will be a good story to tell in a year or two, eh?
  2. Sounds like me when I was 14, but including bitches and booze. :cool:
  3. that "friend" who called the cops sounds like a real buttpacker.
  4. Definitely not 18...

    Tell your buddy jon to loosen up.
  5. This sounds horrible. A completely shitty exprience all around. How was it also the best?
  6. that sucks...get better friends bro.
  7. wow your friend is a bitch, goddamn
  8. Yea the second your "friend" called the cops because he was being a little anti drug bitch, i woulda cracked him in the nose..
  9. im curious, have you guys talked to your 'friend' since he called the cops?
  10. make the snitch some brownies or cookies lol
  11. Fuck this devon piece of shit
  12. Sounds shitty but it happens. Once when I was younger I was tripping unmentionables at a friends house while he was in jail (his roommate was still there). My friend who is in jail's uncle comes and kicks everybody out of the fucking house in the middle of the night. I'm tripping, high, and a tiny bit drunk.. with nowhere to fucking go. Me and three other people just said fuck it and went to the local school because they parked a handicapped bus there overnight and we slept in that shit.

    Sucked at the time but hey, now it's a story

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