Worst situation of your life?

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  1. What were some of the worst situations or feelings you ever went through? The worse for me was on February 9th, 2010 at like 4:00 am, I woke up in the middle of the night for no reason and couldn't fall back to sleep. I waited a while and thought I could wait to wake my dad up for work in an hour when I heard my mom's phone go off down the hall. She wakes up, answers it and says "Hello?" in that voice people do when they just wake up, and then I hear her scream. "RJ's deadddd" with uncontrollable sobbing immediately, she wakes up my dad while on the phone then the rest is a blur because I'm in shock. Literally all I can think is there's no way he could be dead and I try calling his phone but there's no answer. Tears start coming out and my dad just walks in my room with the saddest expression I've ever seen on his face. I already know what's going on so I just hug him and go into my mom's room to hug her as my dad wakes my brother up and I hear him shout and start crying. So hands down, getting news that my brother Rj died was the worst feeling ever.

    There's a lot more to it than that after but that was the absolute worst moment of my life, the first time death hit me personally like a ton of bricks. It doesn't have to be the #1 worst thing, but what are some of the shittiest moments you ever went through? I figure this would be a good thread for people to get off their chests instead of being a buzz kill. I'm at terms with everything in my life now but its crazy to think of some of the shit people go through.

    On the bright side, it will be nice to see where people relate on certain things because we're all humans. Sometimes its just good to vent a little and then smoke some because you'll be more relaxed lol.
  2. worst situation was when my mom got cancer. She's the strongest person I know, and seeing her with it made me break down. Luckily she just went through surgery and beat it, but I think sometimes the stress could get to her. My stepdad doesn't work, not cause he's not certified, but more because he's a bitch who decided to be worthless. It's not all bad though, I just landed a gig that pays pretty well and hustling on the side keeps me decent.

  3. My condolences man.If you dont mind me asking,how did he pass away?
  4. He had a massive heart attack in his sleep from heart problems that we didn't even know about until after the results came back. He was working out way too much when he wasn't supposed to be but at least he went in his sleep. I appreciate it man.

    I'm happy your mom ended up alright! My mom started chemo for leukemia in January and we think everything's going okay but we won't know for sure if it worked yet until around a year later I think. The step dad thing sucks but as long as your mom's okay and your doing good fuck it, we're basically in a depression as it is lol. As long as your there for your mom you can share the stress and be there for each other.
  5. the night when my girlfriend broke up with me over the phone then called me the next morning to tell me my best friend raped her.
  6. It was 2007. My uncle died and i had to babysit his kids that night and couldnt tell them anything, couldnt let them know something was wrong. They said they couldnt wait to see him tomorrow.
  7. I couldn't imagine being in those situations... the girlfriend one was messed up and I don't know the whole story but it's a really short period of time to be hit with all of that shit. Hope you get a lot of good karma to make up for it, at least you know the worst thing that could happen in a relationship and can prevent it from happening again.

    I'm sorry about your uncle, it must've been the hardest thing to have to deal with. You did the right thing, I hope you don't have to go through anything like that ever again and the rest of your life ends up good but at least there's the time you did have with him.

  8. Woah! Can we get some details? I understand if you don't want to explain.
  9. Pulled over shitfaced. 18yr old. 6 passengers in a small coupe that seats 4. Cop saw passenger lighting a bowl. ...

    Was the worst situation of my life, but

    I got away clean, not even a ticket.
  10. ?!? How?
  11. my little brother had like a schizophrenic break down and threatened my parents with a knife, he also had a gun in his pocket.
  12. He asked if I was drinking or smoking or anything and I said no. Then he got wicked pissed at me and told me he saw a bowl being lit, so I told him. "The passenger was smoking weed. I did not smoke it, however it is my pipe, and my weed, and my car, so it is my responsibility.

    I handed him my pipe and like .5g. He didn't even know I was drinking. He said, if" I ever see you again, I will ruin you" and "get these kids home safe"
  13. there is not much else to say... i didnt burn down his house if that is what you're asking

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