Worst reaction heard of to weed?

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  1. Hey guys, I have a pretty severe problem that has been persistant throughout my life, and I just don't know what's wrong.
    The problem is that every time I smoke weed, the best case scenario is that I get a heavy, dull-minded, really akward type of high where I feel rather stuck, and worst case scenario, if I had smoked a lot, the reaction gets really severe; the room starts spinning, my body starts shaking, and my brain starts operating in a process that could only be described as "synapses" - where my vision and mental process is chopped up into 2-3 second "flashes" (like a slowed down film reel), and I won't be able to connect any thoughts or even see properly.
    Everything in my vision will be "shuttered" (again, like a slow film reel), and all my mind can do is stay frozen in this horrible pattern... my body will shake to this shuttering as well, and if I can walk during it, my walking is severely jagged and I can barely put two words together.
    Even worse, my face will get extremely pale and almost green tinted as though I'm loosing blood (it's not just my imagination, people have seen it), and I'll get stuck in a teeth grinding pattern or such, which is really damaging. The whole episodes are also quite painful and cause pretty severe migraines.
    The last time this happened, it was only with a small joint that I smoked to myself - I entered the high with a relaxed, wanted-to-be-happy mindset, and I'm not paranoid of being high in the least. In fact, just once in my life, a supplier provided me with a strain that was very different looking than any weed I've ever smoked, and he said it was a strain that was really unheard of around these parts - I think it was an Indica or Sativa (whichever one isn't the one found around here.) And believe it or not, this special strain gave me a floaty, happy, blissful, truly compelling high that I could have smoked every day of my life, a real medical quality.
    What do you think causes this? And don't give me any malarky about marijuana having no side effects, I know people who break out in severe rashes just because of smoking it, people can have reactions. There are plenty of disorders out there that THC could aggrivate. What's strange is that I just don't have these medical problems day to day... only with drugs (synthetic THC and some other drugs... not all... do it too.)
    What gives?

  2. you're smoking a bit too much each sesh. do u have music on when you're high?
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    I've tried everything, music, being around people that really make me happy, tv, everything... just virtually every strain I've ever smoked (except the one rare time) has either given me a high that feels really heavy, clogged, and shut inward (at best, and with the lightest puff), to full out horrible reaction.
    Yet with the one strange strain I smoked once, my high was giddy, magical, upbeat, and really energetic. I didn't feel trapped or zoned out. My mind was largely there (and I smoked this strain HEAVY during this session, multiple puffs... this particular strain had sort of a "cut off" where you could smoke it on and on, and not get higher than you already were... which is a good thing for me.), and I had an amazing time, it cut off virtually every sense of stress.
    Even my dealer, who smoked it with me, said that it was also different than anything he'd ever really smoked either. He never did have bad reactions on his normal stuff or any other type, but most types of weed did make him pretty tired and lethargic, and this one didn't.
    I'm really considering that I have some sort of medical problem that's triggered by either Sativa or Indica. Differences in ratios don't seem to explain it, and the high and reaction that always comes about is way too strong to do with my mood or the amount I smoke... even the tiniest of inhale can sometimes trigger it. I've even sat in a room of heavy smoke and started to feel heavy chested and shaky.
    And again, I'm not paranoid about drugs in the least. I don't guess I can talk about what drugs I do here, but since one in particular isn't illegal, I will say that Robitussin really helps my "cough". I go for a "high" that weed should give me (stress-free, relaxed, goofy, loving, feel-good, floaty, lightweight, breezy, ect ect), but I've always wanted weed to actually do that for me. It instead gives me the heaviest, sickliest, seizure-like reaction of virtually anything I've ever tried.
    I mean, it has to be some sort of medical condition (maybe THC really effects how my brain signals react with each other, in a negative way?) or if not that, it has to be some sort of additive in the weed. If anyone could experience what happens to me, they'd know it's not paranoia or a bad trip. Sure, I have emotional problems, but that's what weed should fix!
    Another good example is that when my friend named "Molly" hung out with me once, she caused a split second of this same reaction (the synapses) but after just 30 seconds or so, my mind instantly snapped into a blissful, non-synapsy, energetic state where I was very happy. Something artificially clicked, I didn't have to do anything special. But no marijuana except the one special strain I smoked ever has done that for me. The synapses just get so overwhelming that it really feels like I'm having a seizure or stroke when it happens....
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  5. smoking a whole joint to yourself? Assuming it's dank when I first got started all I needed was 1-3 hits!
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    Yes, a joint to myself. It wasn't very big and it was reggie. The way I experienced the "good" strain though, the one that agreed with me, it was a strain where I smoked a ton of it at one time, and it sort of gave me an instant, extremely good threshold that no amount of continuing to smoke it that night changed. The rare, good strain got me super (good feeling) high with the first couple puffs, and everything after that was essentially smoking just to enjoy the taste and enjoying smoking it with a friend - it simply got me a good high and didn't get me too high no matter how much I smoked it.
    And that's how weed should be. I hate to tell folks, but if you're smoking weed and you have to only take one puff or else you're tripping out into the twilight zone, it's not THC, and it's more likely an actual near death experience. Believe it or not, damage to the brain causes all sorts of hallucinations, and while someone who just plain is kooky may enjoy feeling like they're seeing a light on the other side, they may be having a heartattack and not even knowing it. From the very few good marijuana high's I've expeirenced, I believe weed should give a very light, breezy, blissful, stress-free high that is not extraordinarily psychedelic. You don't see Willie Nelson singing about going through the gates of hell and back. If something like that is going on with anyone here, both you and I may have some sort of health issue, or our buds might be laced with LSD.
    I've been doing a lot of research about this and it seems a phenomenon out there where some marijuana smokers experience fainting and severely lowered oxygen in the blood due to cardiovascular problems (where the skin on their face, especially their lips, turns white or even blue... as does mine), and it's been reported by a ton of people. I'm a heavy cigarette smoker but by all accounts, day to day, I'm perfectly healthy. I'm not sure what's in marijuana that would trigger this specifically. I just know it's a lot more physical than mental, but after the physical effects are there for a good hour, it gets pretty mental just dealing with it.
    Now, for a fact, just to say, I've had this reaction on LSD, Spice, and an extremely excessive amount of Robitussin. I have not had it on Ritalin, Xanax, Coke (though this did cause severe migraines), the one rare, good strain, Molly, and DMT. Sorry if I'm not supposed to list drugs here, and please let me know or delete this if so, but this really is a medical issue. If I really plain just had bad trips, I wouldn't have good experiences on a lot of things!
  7. same shit happens to me i love it tho

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  8. Bro, that weed you smoked and had a good high was Sativa. Ask for more of that shit because that's what makes you happy and that's what'll make you enjoy your highs. Tbh I don't see why you smoke if you have horrible highs? Waste of money and time, not to meantion emotional health. I have a friend like this, he's depressed when he's high or some shit like that, yet after every sesh he's still like 'man that was so much fun' even though he clearly wasn't enjoying it.
    Stop smoking untill you can get Sativa again.

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  9. Hmm try Indica?'
  10. Back in high school a dipshit decided to try weed for the first time on lunch break. Turns out he was allergic to it and had a severe reaction in class and the ambulance was called. He almost died. And yes I am serious. 

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