Worst. Pot. Article. Ever.

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  2. The most irritating part for me was it wasnt sampled in the way I would have sampled it;)
  3. lol hash having less thc percentages then plant matter? why doesn't that make any sense at all.

  4. Yeah I dont understand, its pretty fucked up. But, nothing suprises me anymore with all the shit said about weed. I mean the law is based on bullshit to begin with, so what else do you need to know?

  5. Maybe you and I smoke different hash but when I make hash it's from just the trichome shake, so it's generally really potent, akin to smoking kief.
    Kief - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Which is great to sprinkle on top of bud.
  6. lol, that guy bought hash that had lower thc concentrations than the crap we clean out of our downstems...
  7. That was horrible, but very funny lol
  8. Dont think it was the worst, just really shitty information.
  9. Yeah this is how they talk about weed in England, it seems so different there.

    But the hash they got is what's called soapbar, it's hash, but poor quality. It's mixed with all sorts of other things to increase the yield. This is why it tested so low, because it's mostly crap.

    Instead of using the term dank, fire, or chronic like you hear a lot here in the states they use the term skunk.

    They also have a lower quality of weed in general it seems like versus the US, though it's possible to find good quality weed anywhere.

    Though the writer in general did seem pretty misinformed about weed from some of his other statements.
  10. Yeah, that sucked. Ummmmm, thanks for sharing :(
  11. Well, that explains it. Reporter was a shmuck. Bought a ball of resin.
  12. That was not that bad. The journalist is clueless but that's to be expected. It had a anti-pot kind of tone but so does most mainstream news, especially in the UK.

    I'm surprised by the quality of pot he was able to get.

    I was even more surprised that the hash had such a low THC content. That is some weak hash.
  13. Here's something that I would consider to be in the running for the worst article ever, Smoking just one cannabis joint raises danger of mental illness by 40%

    Here's another shocker from the same newspaper, How Cannabis Made Me a Monster

    There are worse ones than that too, I just don't have the links handy. There is a lot of bad press coming out of the UK. They have this whole "skunk" scare campaign going on over there. It would be entertaining if only so many people didn't actually believe it.

  14. Goddamn, that Horatio guy is a fucktard.
  15. Just sent this. I hope I wasn't wrong about anything, but I'm still more informed than the bitch who wrote the article

    Hi, I wanted to let you know that this article is full of inaccuracies.
    I'll simply make a list

    1) Skunk, white-widow, homegrown, etc. are all meaningless words. Skunk is a name of a strain (a genetic strain) of Marijuana, so is White-widow. They denote nothing about potency, potency depends on the trichomes (visible, sticky, glistening glands where the THC is housed), which depends on the method of growing. Skunk is not a 'super-weed' and in fact is an extremely old strain. It's been around since the early 80s. It is good though.

    2) Marijuana, grass, pot, cannabis, all mean EXACTLY the same thing. No difference. At all.

    3) Hash is the MOST potent type of smokable marijuana. That is next to RSO which is essentially liquid hash.

    4) "Both hash and weed are considered weaker forms of marijuana."......... WHAT!?!?!?! This makes no sense. See 2. and see 3.

    5) Delta- 9 Tetrahydracannibinol is only 1 of the 400 natural chemicals found in cannibis. And is only one of the many that produce a 'high'. So the percent of THC really means absolutely nothing.

    That's it, but I could go on forever.

    Oh, one more thing, I've seen this article come up on a few sites (http://forum.grasscity.com/general-...1976-worst-pot-article-ever.html#post14189018) as "the most uninformed article about cannibis ever." Which I must agree with

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, forward this to the writer.

    Thank you.
  16. This whole time I've been smoking weed guess I gotta step my game up to skunk :( lolol this guys definitely a pro (sarcasm)

  17. That was a painful read. lol way too long.
  18. I gave up half way through. Guy is a waste of air.

  19. Those articles hurt my brain....

  20. Well there's your first problem. He was seriously fucked up before he touched weed, don't blame it on the weed. Most people have self control and weeds not even that addictive. I have a pretty addictive personality but I only get mentally hooked, never physically. And it's just habbit forming for me. Everyone once in a while is fine but when I have a sack for a week and smoke everyday I feel the need to buy another one, but that can be solved by smoking once a week or so.

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