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worst possible thing ever

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by skyyhigh420, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. went out in the woods to check on my babys today
    i had 10 plants just transplanted into the ground 2 days ago over a month old looking beautiful and 8 in starter pots and go out there today...
    all gone
    all my hard work and money put into this gone.
    im in the worst mood posible
    but whatever shit happens
    good thing i started an indoor grow a few days ago
  2. Been there. I was a dumbass and had some out on a powerline not thinking about it just being summer and they come through and cut down shit and clean the lines up. Well, I come back one day and the whole area is cut down, all my pots smashed, only 1 plant survived and it's just hanging on right now.

    Good thing is though, PennLines don't report what they find, infact alot of the workers take them or take care of them, but some people are assholes and did what happened to mine. Now there are big mounds of soil, busted pots, and seeds still in the mounds of soil, lol. I am going to go back sometime here in the relative future to see if anything made it through, them get them babies out of there.
  3. damn thats sucks sorry to hear bout that one
    my spot was a pretty good spot i have no clue how they found it or who
    but i had other stuff like shovels, root hormone, soil, tons of pots
    and they took every single bit of it
    i hate some people
    how do you get so shitty to mess with somebodys grow:confused:
  4. Some people are assholes man, I deal with the general public at my job, so I have first hand experience.
  5. just thinking about your situation pisses me the hell off
  6. Ahh thats bad news man, sorry for your loss. I hate hearing about that shit:mad:
  7. that news sux. I hate a thief.

    the bright side is if they break in your house and try and take your stuff, you can legally shoot.... of course assuming it isn't five-o.;)
  8. And sure if it is you could shoot anyway lol! Ah no maybe not tho:smoke:
  9. Damn it man that suck.I have Been there bro.It got to the point around here that if they didnt get stolen,ate or found by the cops it was a mirical.better luck next time man I really am sorry about your loss.
  10. that happened to me twice, some fools came over when I was out and stole the plants. The idiots didn't know anything about weed, there wasn't any bud on them yet.
  11. set it back up, set up some trip lines and camp out with a .22 - then ask the mofo what he did with all your shit before you do your buisness.
  12. Are you guys saying that if you came across 10 fucking pot plants in the woods, you WOULD NOT "steal" them????

    If it were me, that shit would be in the back of my truck, covered and ready for a new home!
  13. You sir; are a piece of shit. Its a commandment for christ sake... "thou shalt not be a prick and steal others plants" Thats someone else's months of hard work, and its not even like its budding yet. If I came across, I might pinch off some cuttings and make some clones but no, stealing a whole plant makes you an asshole. Stealing all the plants means i'd throw you in a river.

    Your post brings me so much anger, may the weed gods curse you with bad luck for being such a dick.

    Flaming is not tolerated here. --Hempress
  14. LOL...well stated eyec0n! :smoking:
  15. I have no pity for someone who plants outside, then whines about his/her plants getting horked. If he/she did it right, the plants would still be there.

    That's the price you pay. Just be happy it wasn't the fuzz.
  16. Its people like you that make us have to setup traps and go to extrordinary lengths to hide shit in the first place, not the cops. Everyone I know who has grown outside has problems with little cunts like you before the police do anything. Do all of us who try and grow outdoors a favor and kill yourself, your a useless human being.
  17. Yeah its pretty ridiculous that you say thats what we get for growing outdoors. Stealing someones plants because you were snooping around in the first place and ruining their hard work and car is retarded. Grow your own plants and I agree with Eyecon in hoping your luck with plants is futile if thats truly what you believe.
  18. Hey guys, this isn't the place to resort to personal attacks. We don't allow that stuff here. You can tell him you think he has the wrong idea without calling him a "piece of shit". Thanks.
  19. personal attacks? hes showed so much disrespect by saying the crap he does. Maybe you think stealing plants is acceptable, but I cant tolerate reading someone trying to justify it without getting mad... ugh... *smoke break*
  20. When did I say that stealing plants was acceptable? I didn't say that at all. It doesn't matter what I think about stealing plants anyway. You still called him names and that's not tolerated here. Just neg rep him, tell him it's a bad idea, and move on.

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