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Worst Place You've Ever Rolled?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ksjfhg, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. What are some of the worst places you've had to roll a blunt ?

    For me i'd have to say rolling in a porta potty was the worst, it smelled like shit and i had limited working space, and the porta potty was located at west point military academy:eek:
  2. my friend rolled a blunt going down the road at like 50 mph. I was driving haha
  3. yeah i would have to say riding passenger in a buddies car who is a shitty driver.
  4. Oh man, i remember rolling in some bad places. But off the top of my head, probably i was in like a stone fort made of all rocks and i rolled it on a slab of rock and it was mad windy so the leaf and the buds were just flying all over the place, it sucked lost the leaf, dropped at least a .2 .3 in the sand and then found the leaf rolled it on the rock and smoked it and all was good.
  5. #5 gibbo, Feb 20, 2009
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    ive rolled joints in all kinds of places heres a few

    - on someones wall at the front of the house in the middle of the street while waiting for a weed

    - In the middle of random streets

    -outside in the snow windy as fuck tryin to roll a joint is da worst we acutally had to give up :(

    - on the roof of my school ;)

    - in some old abondoned house

    - random alley ways in the middle of town and a chuch yard :rolleyes:

    - and finally on a crowded bus/fast food restaunt there the worst all those people staring

    Tbh iam not assed ill roll anyway lmao
  6. moving cars at night time, on my lap with no books or paper to put it on, or outside when its windy. and I de-leaf all my blunts.
  7. On the roof of a 42 story building in LA. It was windy and dark, and we had no surface, but still managed to roll one. That or in the canyon tops, it was really dark and spooky.
  8. When your friends r driving fast and ur in the passenger seat
  9. I dont roll blunts I bowl all my stuff.
  10. out on the corner in rain or snow

    back of school bus coming home from ski trip

    school in general


    on the subway, gettin dirty looks
  11. Certainly out in the cold with wind. I tried to roll a blunt liek that. It was TOUGH. Otherwise the worst is in my opinion, while walking. That shit sucks.
  12. Sucks to be you...

    Worst place Ive ever rolled was this one kids van,He was bitching the whole time about not dropping any weed or stems,I had nothing to roll it on,nothing to break it up on and it was pitch black...Regardless a blunt was born in that van on that night.
  13. Worst place, honestly, i would have to say in the mountains in the cold, my hands were so numb i couldn't even feel the blunt in my hands lol, second worse would have to be on a crowded city bus, so many people, abrupt stops, wide turns, it sucked....
  14. In the back of my CRX while my two friends were up front driving like drunken Irish bastards. Track suspension + Windy roads+ three incapable idiots = Interesting rolling conditions.
  15. Behind marilyn's flowers - running from the cops.
  16. In a school bathroom for a midday blunt in soe forests we have off school property...thinking back on it...wasnt the smartest idea.
  17. Down the back of a field, in gale-force winds, while twisted drunk in the pitch black, coming up on pills before going to see "Pendulum"... It was terrible.

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