worst pain of my life!

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. well i crashed my bike last friday. the only serious injury i got was i broke my wrist pretty bad. yesterday i had surgery and had 4 pins put in place.

    im in the worst possible pain since the surgery. i have 5mg oxycodones but they arent doing much. im popping 3-4 a time. im also am taking 600mg ibproufin. ive been hittin the bong too. im still in fucking terrible pain. anyone know anything that will help with the pain?

    i have it elevated on 3 pillows and when im walking Around i wear a sling.

    :cry::cry::cry::cry: the pain is unberable. i couldnt sleep last night cuz of it.

    and btw i typed this whole post with only my right hand, and it only took me 3 mins :hello:
  2. Flexeril (SP?) has always worked for people I know who have broken their bones.
  3. its good to see this post it means your alive :]
  4. cant get my hands on any. all i have is oxicodone. im pickin up a bag of green tnite hopefully.
  5. isn't flexeril just a muscle relaxant.. dont think it would help much... i think what you already have is what can help you the best.... mayb drink alota xtra milk and some more buds of course
  6. I fucken punctured my lungs this summer, It was the worst PAIN EVER !
    they gave me endocete or something like that. It really blew chunks ruined my camping that weeked and wasted 300 bucks that weekend too !:mad:

    This is me :p


  7. sucks dude. i cant stand constant pain like this espically when i feel 4 pins sticking outta my wrist
  8. Just tell the doctor that you feel to much pain still and ask him if there is anything stronger her can give you. thats your best bet. I still hurt after 6 months it sucks man, although I did skip my last doctors appt which was not the smartest idea.:smoke:
  9. she gave me 60 oxicodones and told me it should get me through surgery recovery
  10. This is what I thought of when I saw those picts:

    "Whahh what's goin' on?"

    "Dude, there's a camera in front of you. Just give a thumbs up and smile."


  11. I think you can get a stronger med. i know when i worked in surgery the doctor would give you anything you asked for after surgery they would give you straight morphine if you hurt bad enough

    Also my friend is takin morphine pills so maybe you can get some
  12. sweet mary jane is deffinitley helping with pain :)

    if i pop 2 oxi's then smoke a bong i feel better :smoke:
  13. Man... I'm all out of weed tonight. I just took 30mg of Hydrocodone, so I'm feeling pretty damn decent, but it's just not the same without that skunky ganja. =/

    Mind, I don't do this stuff for pain. >.>

    Actually, I have to stop with the opiates before I start fiending out.

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