Worst or most stupid grasscity threads

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  1. These are some of the funniest or most stupid or most bullshit grasscity threads I've seen, posts can be included. Add your own!



    Read the title of the above if you go to the link, it sounds like the guy stutters



    no one commented on the above


    Look at the name of the guy who posted this thread, after you read it.


    Cabo San Lucas? Haven't we all been there
  2. Making a thread to list other shitty threads puts your thread up there with the same threads you look down on.
  3. Yea, no beuno.
  4. No I don't look down on them, they just give me a good laugh when I look at them!
  5. I dunno, i found it kinda funny :hello:
  6. How dumb can ya be man? Making fun of others stupidity.. So you make links to them?
  7. Haha, I laughed at the link, and comon guys, I thought they were funny, I'm not calling these people stupid, I'm just saying their stupid and funny threads. If anyone wants to be pissed it should be me, I haven't smoked weed in a month because my dealer got arrested, not as chilled out as I was before. And whenever I do get weed I risk 5 years in prison and a huge fine for midgrade weed that costs 30 to 35 dollars a gram
  8. dont try and change the subject mister.:mad:
    but seriously ill stay on topic and post one that i saw earlier
    jjust busting your balls haha
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  10. stop looking at me swan!

  11. I have no idea what you're talking about. :bolt:
  12. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2MTFtfBmXQ"]YouTube - Billy Madsion - Bath Tub[/ame]
  13. HAHA Adam Sandler.
  14. billy madison. great movie:D
  15. That's what the apprentice tokers forum is there for - it's for people who don't konw much about mary jane to inquire and learn.

    None of those threads were really stupid - there are so many stupid threads out there and you just seemed to pick on the people who don't know a lot about marijuana.

    It's the threads that lack complete common sense that you should have linked to.
  16. the first one was a common mistake of a noob mistaking sativa for salvia...not funny.

    second, he probably heard that most people like myself don't get high the first time.

    third, how do you know what that guys feeling? he just might not be a weed person and feels it is still affecting him...look at coldcheese post, he helps him out unlike all the other douches on here.

    fourth, he said he got it from a dispensary, what's not legit about that?

    fifth, apparently weed makes him lose his emotions..people are different.

    sixth, wtf? i don't see whats funny about asking experiences of visiting another place...

    so, in conclusion, i laugh at this thread hardest because of your epic fail.

  17. like this one:


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