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Worst nightmare last night.

Discussion in 'General' started by homestarstoner, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Hey GC here is the story of the dream I had last night.
    Alright last night I had the scariest dream of my life. I don't know what it means. I live in Nanaimo and go to college here. Our school has had bomb threats from jokers who graffiti things like "Tick Tock BOOM" and "Wheres the bomb". We are used to that, as it has happened a few times. Nothing ever happens with regard to actual bombs being in the school, and it doesn't bother me at all. Yesterday was Friday, which is a school day. It was a very normal day.

    Here is the dream. It is kind of odd at some points, because things flip around, and don't connect the way they would in reality.

    So it starts off right away. My mom and dad get into an arguement at our house. I am in the kitchen with them, and I overhear them saying that they are splitting up, and my dad and I are going to live in Portland.
    The next morning before school, I have my friends over and we are playing a video game. This was very odd, because it didn't seem like a video game. It felt like I was with my friends in reality, shooting monsters.
    We then walk to school and head over to another friends house on the way there. He has these yellow bombs that are as thin as paper. The dream than shows us sitting in math class. The bombs are given to the students in the room. They don't know its a bomb, because it just looks like paper.
    I am quite unsure about letting my friend do this, so I tell my math teacher that I need to talk to her outside the class. When I go outside the class, teachers are crowding around me and the math teacher, trying to listen in on the conversation, because they seemed to know something suspicious was going on. I tell them to let us talk in private, than they just leave. So two of the counsellors come from another door in the hall, and I decide to tell them as well. I tell them that there are bombs in the math room. Whats wierd, is that they didn't evacuate the classroom. Me and some random friend who has no involvement in the story, shows up and we are told by those counsellors to go to the office. We head downstairs. As we are heading down the staircase, the random friend pulls a knife out and attempts to stab me in the arm with it because I ratted him out. So we are downstairs, but the office is FULL of kids, and we cannot get into there. So we hold the meeting with the principle for the next day.
    That was quite wierd, as the first friend was the kid with the bomb, but it switched over to being another random friend of mine.
    So I walk around the school a bit to kill time, and I see another friend there. I was crying at this point, and the friend tells me that everythings alright, and if I need anything just tell him.
    By the time I leave the school it is late and dark outside. The dream cuts to me and my friends walking on the school field looking over at the school. We watch the school explode into flames. The explosion created a LOUD bang. The flames shot into the sky and made a firey sky. In fact, the whole sky was on fire in my dream. Houses nearby also caught fire somehow.
    Me and my friends then continue walking home. On the way home, I see a man and his boy sitting on a staircase. I only caught a glimpse of them and continued walking. When I finally got home, I went on my computer, logged into facebook and put this into my status "You are all lucky I told the counsellor about those bombs"
  2. I've never had a dream that elaborate haha

    I wish I had crazy dreams like that
  3. Haha, thats crazy. I've had weird dreams before, but I never can remember them :(
  4. Melatonin ftw. It gives me strange vivid dreams. Some I can still remember every detail of.

    I've only had one "nightmare" in the last year. The rest are just odd.

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