worst night of my life.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Atlblazer, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Well this happened about 3 weeks ago now im finally able to type it out. I wrecked my motorcycle. totaled it. Was driving home at like 3 in the morning, hit a hella deep pothole on a back road lost control and nailed a tree doin 55. broke 13 bones in my body.

    7 in my right arm and hand, 3 in left arm, 2 ribs, and my femur. Laid up in bed for about another 4-5 weeks. Plus side is I have like 4 refills left on my percs.
    Also I wanna inform u about a member on gc that I know in real life.

    His name is Elija on here I believe, he took a 40 minute trip to visit me, me him his bro and my friend drank all night and he smoked us all out. We had like 2 blunts in rotation at one point and another being rolled, smoked a few bowls. Was a good night.
  2. Sorry about your bike and injuries bro, how are you recovering?
  3. Shit man, nasty accident, hopefully ya get better soon, well kinda stupid thing to say since you broke a tonne of bones... Not much chance of them miraculously healing anytime soon.
    At least you got some good friends like that, to help you cheer up n shit.
  4. damn man, sorry to hear that. i would say hope you get better soon, and I do wish that, but more importantly, hope you get toked up a lot more so at least you can have fun while sitting around.
  5. As a cycle rider that has totalled hit bike too (I was tagged by some chick driving a mustang), its good to hear you're alive. Its one thing to break many bones, and another to not come out of it alive. Yeah the broken bones and road rash are painful, but bones can heal bro.

    Sorry to hear about your injuries and hope you get better soon. Im sparking a bowl for you right now.
  6. Best cure for any pain seems to be some of those perc's and a nice some nice bong rips of headies :)

    Last time I took percs and smoked a bowl I felt sober as hell, from my neck up, below that was weightlessness, numb, nothingness. So it should work pretty good for you :)

  7. man the road rash sucked..ripped my jacket and shirt all up bye bye $290 leather jacket.

    And thanks to all of u, yeah I baked about 4 hours ago now was pretty fun.

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