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Worst Night of My Life...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by vincentlink, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. #1 vincentlink, Mar 15, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2012
    I don't have a sleeping disorer but some nights I just can't get to sleep. So I take out my Mj and do 3 tokes to get a buzz so I can fall asleep, but when Im done I hear crying upstairs...I think its just stoner paranoia at first. I hear someone come downstairs and Im like "fuck!!! "

    This is where it gets bad...My mom tells me my grandpa just died from a heart attack, and then she goes back upstairs. A hour later Im super sad downstairs, and then she comes down and says I smell "pot". So I deny of course but she yells at me only making me sadder, hits me (in the chest not hard but still got the point), takes my car keys, flushes the weed and breakes all my peices. Then she calls my dad and they both agree I get my Tv And car keys taken away for 4 months.

    Worst night of my life...

    Edit: I smoked in house because i couldnt go to sleep but I was still really tired, it was only my 2nd time doing it after 3 years....It was really hard to get up as my back and neck are messed up also...Also, don't tell me I dont respect my parents, Ive always respected them but when you can't move some days and you need your medicine, its pretty hard to fucking walk when moving a fucking toe feels like your going to cry
  2. Don't smoke pot in your parents house. Sorry to hear about your grandpa.
  3. I agree with the first guy. Life comes back around though man.
  4. Your 18 bro... They can't take your shit. Move out?

  5. America is different. Tired of people saying just move out, its not that easy for someone 18. And I'm also tired of seeing "don't smoke in their house." Are you fucking kidding me?
  6. No it's not your F'ing house. Are you f'ing kidding?

    when you have a house of your own, will you let some one else decide the rules? Especially a kid? GTFO.
  7. [quote name='"DemonicGman"']

    America is different. Tired of people saying just move out, its not that easy for someone 18. And I'm also tired of seeing "don't smoke in their house." Are you fucking kidding me?[/quote]

    Are YOU kidding? Smokin in someone elses house when they don't want u to is just straight disrespect, have some common courtesy. We all know how smelly this shit can be, If I didn't smoke I wouldn't want my house smelling like It. Common sense brah
  8. My mom tryed to pull that shit and i was like did you pay for the car well than im not giving you shit

  9. My bad bro. Should have looked at it through a multitude of perspectives. I was thinking that if this happened to me I would have moved out because that would have been the right option for me. It might not be for op due to financial reasons or other such problems.

    Yes I do live in America. But where I live is most likely extremely different from where the Op lives.
  10. ya really, people that say just move out are retarded. maybe 10 years ago its was still possible. but these days, if someone tried that they would be fucked. my dad gave me an apartment for free, pays for my bills, pays for my college. All I have to do is pay for my books, my food, and anything else i want. Im 19, just came out of High school in June, am broke as shit. I make about 4,000 a year because all i can find is part time crap jobs like haunted houses, or liberty tax waivers. if i dident have my dad wiping my ass i would be over in Iran pretty soon.
  11. So gtfo of her house then man, and stop sounding like an entitled prick.

    If you had to pay rent, could you still afford the car and insurance? if not, Mom is doing you a favor. Get where this is going?
  12. btw sorry about your grandfather. after thinking about it, your mom is prob an emotional wreck, and just needed something
    to have control should let this one go OP
  13. Sorry about your grandad man, it sucks losing close members of the family. But yeah that sucks man, hopefully you can get a better job and move the fuck out
  14. I wouldn't smoke in the house while they're there. I think vaporizing would be fine. Although, vaping isn't for everyone.
  15. Sucks bro, i know exactly how you feel...

    but really don't worry, i know everyone says the same thing, but shit gets better... just remember that. It got me through the worst six years of my life, even when i thought shit would never end...

  16. how do you figure the day I turned 17 I left home went to the recruiting office and joined the Air Force. I was on a bus to Lackland Air Force Base by the end of the week. Theres lots of options weather you chose to take them or not is entirely up to the person.
  17. Where has all the respect gone? Your parents raised you, fed you, clothed you, and if they don't want you to have marijuana in their house, then you should show some respect. If you really have nowhere else to put it, fine but at least have the common courtesy to smoke outside.
  18. Yeah bud smoke outside don't be dumb if you smoked outside there wouldn't be any smell an hour later if you smoke inside every night and you shouldn't be someone is bound to wake up one night your asking to get caught.
  19. I agree people need to stop saying move out, it your parents catch you smoking and you just take all your stuff and leave, when you probably can't afford it, well there goes your relationship with your parents. Now they think they have no control over their child and that they are just going to become some fuck up in there eyes... If the parents against mj moving outs not going to help.
  20. worst night of your life... so far ;)

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