Worst Movie You've ever seen?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by littlefoot, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. The curious case of benjamin button for sure, i took too many benedryll b\c i had bad allergies the night my parents were gonna watch it and when they found out i had took so many they refused to let me go to sleep and made me stay awake during the whole movie.
  2. Anything with Seth Rogen

    The guy can't act to save his own life.

  3. i agree completely
  4. It's a Tie between "The Man" with Samuel L. Jackson and Eugene Levy and
    " in the name of the king" with Jason Statham and Matt Lillard.
    Both movies i never finished. And both were equally bad.

  5. Uhm.. they died? And the killers left. That's the end. That's actually a true story, so I don't know any other way it could've ended.

  6. That is what I thought....but then the two kids walked in and the one boy touched her and she lifted her head and screamed...and then the screen went black and they played the credits...
  7. A sequel for Strangers has already been greenlit
    That will be release 'round late 2010
    Depending if they are doing a theatrical release or straight-to-DVD
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  8. She must still be alive, then....hmmmmm

    I will have to keep my eye out for that sequel...thank you :wave:
  9. Battlefield Earth

  10. Agreed, i used to really like him but now he is in too many fucking movies and i'm sick of his fat ass. :mad:
  11. I never thought he was that funny anyways.
    Like Superbad was a pretty funny movie and all but jesus christ its starting to be like Napoleon Dynamite now.
    Nonstop quoting and MCLOVIN LOL everywhere

  12. Yep. I hear it's going to be a different director, but I can't say for sure. I'm definately interested, I thought that was a pretty good movie.
  13. That one movie with the drums and Nick Cannon, might be drumline or something? That movie was so beyond boring, and i'm easy to entertain when i'm high.
  14. S. Darko...

    I felt raped after seeing that movie. I thought Donnie Darko was a great movie, so when I saw the sequal at the vid store, I rented it. They just fucked it all up.:mad:

  15. Different directors and over-use of the special effects ruined that one.. The whole badass factor of Donnie Darko was that it was just happening to him, and at the end you actually felt bad for him, and you could see remose.. S. Darko's characters were just flat out annoying and lifeless.

  16. Ok, scratch that...

    I just attempted to watch Fast & Furious. I really liked the first movie, and was kinda excited to hear they were bringing back the original cast. They went waaaaay over the top with the stunts in the opening scene. Ok, you can slam on the brakes and do a 180, put a truck in reverse, and never change lanes in the process, all the while keeping up with the tanker truck. But then, they were able to line up the hitches!? Twice!?

    On top of that, you got a 70 hill that you gotta go down with a 90 turn at the bottom!? Oh and there is a cliff right off the road!? I doubt such a road exists that a truck driver would actually drive on with 4 to 6 tankers of gas attached...

    I couldn't watch anymore after the GPS directed race in rush hour traffic... give me a fucking break. Oh, and I admit that I find it sexy when two chicks kiss, but in every fucking scene!?

    Now, I can believe the shit they pulled off in the first movie. Hard as hell, but possible. The new one just crossed the line of plausability.

    Maybe I'm just getting old... Rant over.:smoke:

  17. Exactly!
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    The worst movie I've ever seen was Dragonball Evolution. Never in my life has a movie hurt my soul like that. I knew it was going to be terrible and that it wasn't going to do Dragon Ball any justice whatsoever, but I had to go and see it just to see how bad the damage was.

    Biggest mistake of my life. I'll never get that 88 minutes back.

    The second worst movie I've ever seen is a tie between anything and everything that those limp-dicked fuck-ups Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg have ever made ever. I HATE them and everything they've done. Like, I feel like those two stupid motherfuckers are the only people in Hollywood who deserve to be shot. I don't understand why they're still allowed to make movies. All of them suck. These guys are like if Uwe Boll had a bunch of idiot children and they all fused together and then split into two absolute fucking morons who don't have a shred of creativity or wit about them.

    (Lol, obviously I hate Seltzer and Friedberg shit moreso than I do Dragonball, but Dragonball hurt me on a personal level, that's why it's first.)

    I aspire to be a filmmaker. I want to write and direct my own movies. I made a personal vow that once I had a few good ones under my belt and was widely recognized as a pretty decent movie maker, I was going to find those motherfuckers and personally beat the shit out of them. I want to be able to show my future children "Meet the Spartans" or something and say, "You see this complete and utter piece of shit, kids? Well your good ol' dad found the guys who made it and crushed their dignity, so they won't make terrible movies ever again."

    I'll be a hero lol.
  19. I loved this movie, quarantine, and blair witch. Mostly because you are part of what is happening instead of watching from a safe angle.

    As for worst movie.. uh way too many to name.
  20. Worst movie that i can bring to mind is Hancock, i watched it when i was really baked and thought it would be the shit, idk why, and it suckkked.
    Also Smallville the tv show is really really bad

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