Worst Movie You've ever seen?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by littlefoot, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Whats the shittiest movie youve ever seen? The worst ones ive seen have to be The Last Legion or The Fantastic Four Movies. Cloverfield sucked too

  2. i thought cloverfield was great
  3. guess ive got different taste, wasnt as good as it was hyped up to be IMO
  4. Doom was pretty bad.

    So was The Happening but that could have been awsome if they had better actors. Fucking Whalburg sucked in it.
  5. the happening is a fucking unbelievable premise but did have terrible acting. definitley let me down.

    but, nonetheless, 10,000 B.C. was the most god awful piece of trash film i've ever seen. honest to god, when the dude was in the jungle with a spear, the trees looked like the plastic plants you see in the corners of office buildings.
  6. From Dusk til Dawn pt 2. worst. sequel. ever.
  7. hellboy 2, and .............shit I cant remember the other one
  8. I could say meet the spartans or disaster movie but that would far to easy.

    Plan 9 from outer space.
  9. Eragon was by far the worse movie I have ever watched.
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    Shortly after seeing that movie, I had a heart attack. I'm not kidding, I was 18 at the time. I joke about how my body wanted to die after being subjected to that crap, but in truth it was an allergic reaction to a prescription med I was on.

    Seriously though.

    Beowulf sucks.
  11. There are so many. . .I'll have to make up a list. As for THE worst? man, i dunno.
  12. Ice Pirates
  13. You just threw out the validity of your opinion with that one...

    For being a movie forum people in here don't really know to much about cinematography.
  14. the big hit is pretty ridiculous

  15. Wasn't the cinematography the exact reason WHY that movie sucked? Originality of an idea only goes so far when your execution of it is piss poor.

    As for the worst movie I have ever seen?

    Probably Revolver, I've never hated a movie as much as I did that one when the credits started rolling. Guess to show you that Guy Ritchie is a one trick pony.
  16. i like movies that have a point or something rather than show a cool monster on a camcorder, different tastes i guess
  17. killer klowns from outer space.

    no joke. its a real horror movie. one of the many in my younger brothers bast collection.
  18. dude ive seen that, its fuckin hilarious ha
  19. I see that shit every time I go in Blockbuster...

    It looks like a juggalo's wet dream...

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