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Worst/most ghetto piece you've ever made/smoked out of

Discussion in 'General' started by Wizards, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. title, haha i made a piece out of a mtn dew bottle with a rice krispy wrapper for the screen in like 8th grade. haha :metal:
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    A couple years ago during my senior year of high school me and my buddy snuck out to his car to smoke only to find out neither of us had a piece to smoke so somewhere in my friends car he found a piece of aluminum foil or a roll of it I can't remember but we had plenty to make a pipe. So we made a ghetto ass pipe purely outa the foil lol. Like we rigged so thing bad we made it in 2 pieces it somehow worked though. You know dam well we didn't sneak out just to walk back in sober!

    Another time.... Same friend.. Same reason to leave school.. We drove to his house to smoke at his house but his mom was home so we passed his house and turned around. We park like 100ft down the road from his house and sneak into his garage and we ended up using a socket lol....Basically a one hitter.
  3. The good ole' pure aluminum foil pencil bowl lol...
  4. A can, I am so dissapointed in my self. Last time I smoked out of a can was when I was 17.............. Never again.
  5. I second this
  6. Coke/beer can bowl. Brings back memories :D
  7. Homemade aluminum foil pipe
  8. Tin foil, toilet paper roll, scotch tape. That's about as low as you can go; next to a tin can, which is undoubtedly the least functional means of smoking.

  9. Hell nah I can make a sexy ass can pipe in just 2 minutes, had tons of practice. Would rather use that than tin foil, toilet paper and scotch tape....
  10. Wasn't speaking stylistically; as far as effective functionality, for all its convenience a can is the worst.
  11. Might aswell smoke stoges if u blaze out of a can
  12. Some guy on here once said
    "Put a nug in one nostril. Make sure its in there good. Use one hand to operate the lighter, and use the other hand to operate the opposite nostril as a rushhole. Your nose is the body's natual pipe man"
  13. The worst thing I've smoked out of more then once is a water bottle with a hole melted in the side and a foil bowl.

  14. some guy actually did it for real on video, haha i gotta find the video hold up.
  15. [ame=]Nose Bowl - How to smoke weed without a piece. - YouTube[/ame]
  16. a soda can. lol
  17. The originals

    An apple
    A soda can
    A pure foil pipe

    I made a sweet water bottle bong out of shit around my apt in college

    The worse was when I was like 13 and tried to roll a joint out of paper? Yeh I hadn't exactly been educated lol
  18. A G of some mids rolled into a joint with notebook paper. It was so bad, but it got me extremely stoned so I can't complain.
  19. Ever made an earth bong? Doesn't get too much ghetto'er then that. Hippy ghetto?
  20. throughout my teenage stoner years i went through all the typical ghetto pipes..hahaha

    but seriously, the apple was the BEST ghetto pipe ever.. they were for free in highschool, didnt look suspicious, could be ditched easily, destroyed completely (smashed), or EAT IT when ur done with the munchies!! and if made right, they hit LIKE A MOTHA FUCKIN CHAMMMP!!! we would even add carbs to it and it hit better than some people glass.:smoking::metal::metal::metal::metal:

    see, nature provides whatever is needed.:smoking::smoking:

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