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Worst lighter situation

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ehngage, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. We've all been out of bud before, but have you ever just not had a lighter? If so, whats your story?

    For me it is probably just the other day. I didn't have a lighter except for one of my 30 cent dollar store piece of crap. Its flame wasn't big enough to light my pipe. So I was out driving smoking in my small town, and realized the lighters flame wasn't big enough. So I grabbed some hemp wick I had stored and used the lighter to light that and then used the hemp wick to light the bowl. It sucked, lol. Eventually my wife and I decided that one would light and the other would smoke, made it a bit easier, but still sucked without a proper lighter. Then we bought a lighter an hour later =)
  2. Yeah, I went out with someone to smoke once. Had the car parked, bowl packed, and nothing to light it with. Had to drive to the nearest store to buy one. Took like 10 minutes extra lol
  3. Had no lighters on me except one of those long ones and some matches. Matches were too old and didn't work. And the long clicky one was almost out of gas. It's flame was like super tiny. I had to pull sooo softly or else the flame went out. I got through a bowl with much effort and then it died
  4. My first time I used some guys car lighter in an apple pipe. Quite trippy for a first time. I got so stoned though, lol.
  5. LOL People think having no bud is bad? How about having bud but nothing to lite it with.
  6. I've used book matches before, wasn't comepletely bad, but it certainly wasn't awesome.
  7. I just stare at it until it starts smoking. If I keep practicing, I'll be lighting suckas on fire within a week.
  8. lol i gota good story. I was high as fuck when my lighter died. But i wanted to keep smoking. So my stoned ass figured i could just smoke off a lit candle. So as dangerous as this is i sprayed the candle with axe because its flamable and the spark from the lighter could start it. So i light the candle after 20 mins of trying lol. I tried to light the bowl with the candle and spilt hot wax all over myself and the carpet. :p
  9. subbed....

    I just dropped the bic in the bong....and can't find anymore this def qualifies.. BLOW DRYER!

  10. I did that today. You can like taste the matches. :(
  11. one time my lighter ran out of gas, so i walked to 7-11 and bought another one.

  12. I love this story
  13. Used many things in crazy times of need. I was out in nature once, and a friend and I left our lighting instrament in the car. After some pondering, we successfully ignited the bowl using his eye glasses..that felt good ;)
  14. Yeah if you've ever seen the movie Bad Teacher in the scene where her lighter dies and tries to light it on the stove, that's what I did once. Got the job done, no complaints.
  15. I was on this field trip and my roomie burned a joint w/ the coffee maker in the hotel we were staying at. I don't know how he did it but that was the first time I smoked and couldn't remember anything after. good times.
  16. [quote name='"Periced"']

    I did that today. You can like taste the matches. :([/quote]

    Yeah you can, its not very kind to the taste buds. Rofl a friend of mines tried it with those incense matches. Absolute raunch she says.
  17. I bought a 50 pack of BIC lighters and hid them all over my room, just to make sure I'd never run out. It may take a few minutes of frantic searching from time to time, but it always gets the job done
  18. fuckkk i walked to my friends house that was like 20 mins away, brought like a qtr, packed a bowl, then realized no one had a lighter and no one brought they're wallets. Eventually someone ran to a pawn shop down the street to sell their $200 silver chain for $30. But, while he was gone we raided the kids house and found matches.
  19. field trips?? :eek::eek:
  20. Nothing worse than being stuck without a lighter, that's why these days I have 2 on me at all times.

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