Worst injury you've ever gotten?

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  1. Alright blades, Tell us what your body has been through. :cry:
  2. shattered jaw
  3. When I was sixteen I was arrested during an eviction of a squatted house in Amsterdam, and a commander of watch from the policestation at the Elandsgracht slammed a hatch door on my hands on purpose and broke 7 fingers. As I was in the cell for the four days that followed they couldn't be set properly afterwards. The middle of my fingers grew wild bone and is still very thick compared to the rest of the fingers, it's a bother to wear rings because they are hard to get over the 'lumps' in my fingers and then the rings are loose :(. And in cold or rainy weather or when I type a lot (which is always) they hurt.
    The other thing I broke was my nose when I got into a fight with some nazi types and this girl (!) smashed me in the nose. And I broke a knee when I sat on the back of someones moped (? brommer?) and it banged into a little pole in the street (the famous Amsterdammertje) Owww that hurt. Those are the major breakages. Oh and a toe when a pony stood on it and I tried to push it off but I was only 8 so I don't really remember if it hurt of not and the toe is ok
  4. never got serisouly hurt yet

    but I used to get poison ivy all the time, really really badly. Always on my fingers the worst.

    One time I had a poison ivy bubble so big it was like 3 of my fingers were fused together...bllechhhh shit was grosss
  5. I'd tell the story, but I'm tired of telling the damn story.

    So here's a picture with 4 words to sum it up.

    road rash sucks dick

    I just posted the link because sometimes people don't like seeing it. too gruesome or some shit
  6. I jumped off my deck through the snow onto a metal spike stuck to the ground and it went through my leg to the bone and I had to get 30 stitches.
  7. Ruptured L3/L4 disk. The worst part is that disks don't receive blood flow, so they never heal.
  8. Damn, I'm glad nothing crazy has ever happened to me. When I was 13 I kicked a couch and broke my toe
  9. i got hit by a car, i didn't break anything but my head hit the pavment pretty hard and i had a shit load of scratches and bruises.
  10. Never broke a bone or anything like that, but I really sliced my finger up when I was a butcher.
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    Same exact thing. I didn't get any medical attention, but i was bleeding from my head and my hip where the car hit me was pretty banged up.

    I probably should have got some medical attention, but I was playing hockey the next weekend.
  12. A bus ran over my foot once, was the stupidest kid ever :D
  13. tripped on a bunch of DOC
    couldn't get decent REM sleep for like a year and a half
    almost had a seizure

    i still can't touch anything dirty without almost having a seizure
  14. Shattered my collar bone skiing. Ouch.
  15. - all toes on both feet have been broken at some point
    - broken thumb
    - multiple sprained fingers and ankles
    - broken nose x2.5
    - left shoulder is just permanently fucked, I dunno
    - chronic coccydynia
    - multiple concussions
    - etc

    ...you would never know. I seem like a normal person (if you don't talk to me).
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    Broken left arm ~ both bones fractured at my wrist and also a completely dis~located hand on top of it....literally

    Done intentionally by a guy teen 5 yrs older than me when I was the age of 12. He didn't like that I kicked his ass playing front~yard football..... Planted my fore~arm to the ground. I've never screamed louder since...not sure if I ever will, really

    He lost some close friends over it..... justice served

    I fully recovered [except I may develop arthritis there someday]

  17. skateboarding when I was 14......landed with the board in a vertical position right under my gouche......my feet didn't touch the ground, it was just contact with the board and my gouche. couldn't walk straight for next 3 days. Minds well been in a prison rape hahah....Prob what most people assumed when they saw me walking hahaha
  18. If pictures a re cool I have a few of various injuries lol. I am insanely fucked up ritht now though so it would have to be later when I find them. I'm not even sure how I'm on GC at the moment.
  19. I got a paper-cut in grade 4 and broke my index finger's nail. Dunno about all this broken bone nonsense...paper-cuts are quite painful.
  20. Hyper extended my left elbow-Was trying to back boardslide this rail when i first started skating,and slipped out backwards,and went to catch myself,and all my weight came back on my arm,and it snapped.My friends said it was the sickest thing theyve ever seen/heard.Had to get care a flighted from one hospital to another cuz they couldnt do the proper surgery i needed.I was in the hospital for 3 or 4 days after surgery recovering.

    Broke my left arm too.jumping off a house onto a trampoline,and my knee came right down on my arm.

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