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Worst Hot Rock Holes

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420stonedpanda, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. So, my girlfriend and I are intrigued, what is the worst hot rock hole you've had/have seen?

    If the slang is lost in translation, it's when lit hash or something drops off your spliff/joint and burns a hole in your cloths or skin or whatever.

    I don't have any pictures but the worst I've seis is either my friends jeans burning a 5inch hole in them after some hash dropped out of a spliff onto him. Or this massive burn on my girlfriends thigh, the photo doesn't really do it justice...

    Pictures would be much appreciated, lets see what we can come up with.

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    Never had that happen yet, but I've had slag burn through a couple layers of clothing. Lol

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  3. ^ Man i hate slag i always got it in my hair when i was doing overhead.
  4. It fucking blows. Making it rain up in this bitch. Lol

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  5. hash should be smoked in a pipe. If you smoke it in a joint, make sure you crumble it up good.
  6. hash spliffs are dangerous as fuck, I've lost a few jeans that way
  7. i have plenty articles of clothing with holes burnt from hot ash falling onto my lap when I am sitting. 
  8. All of my shorts have nice holes in them somewhere. Thank god i don't smoke cigs anymore and since then no holes! One more reason to quit. :laughing:
  9. When I smoke, I make a point of wearing jeans that are thick enough to rub any embers into and not have to knock them onto the furniture. My boyfriend simply wears his leather shorts and lets them burn out on the heavy cowhide.
  10. You need a few pairs of leather shorts. I use my boyfriend as an ashtray when he is wearing his and he never complains.

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