Worst high i've had.

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  1. Well its about 11:45 at night and just got through. i was depressed big time yesterday and still depressed today. i have heard that really makes your high worse. im on one of my worst highs right now and i was shaking and coughing like crazy and had an anxiety attack all at the same time. now like 5 minutes later not coughing or shaking, but im still having an anxiety attack about the illegalness.
    . and its the only one where i got paranoid as crap! not that its bad for me and im killing myself, but another reason, see below.
    anyways, i think it makes the paraniodness of your fears about weed come out more. like if you are paranoid that you think it is bad for you that would be enhanced and you would be thinking that its killing brain cells and not like the high. anyways my high since i know it is not bad for you. is that it is illegal and i dont want to get caught. its really bringing out the fear of someone seeing me or the cops coming to my house. im so paranoid that im going to get caught, and since im still coughing that brings out the paranoia that im going to get caught by my parents or the cops. (if you lived with parents who knew you did it and didnt care i think this would be gone, and if you knew it wasnt bad for you, then it would really be impossible to be paranoid. just my opinion. and most likely people with medical marijuana can not get paranoid, because they dont think it is bad for them and if they get caught no big deal, there in no trouble, they wouldnt get paranoid.
    if paranoia werent a fator i dont think you could have a bad high, even if you were depressed.
    i guess some people get way more fearful than me also and could have a seizure from their high.
    what are yalls thoughts on this?
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    oh and ive always heard the paranioa goes away after you are not stoned, but just high. so i guess the bad high doesnt last long, but im not sure. ill keep yall updated.
    ive never had a bad high, but everything just sucks, idk i guess thats kinda obvious. but its much more intense than a nice high, like i am higher but its a bad kind.
    it gets you thinking more about everything that is bad in your life, etc. so i think it is way more intense than a nice high, like you think more but not as much as on a bad high when you think alot and go back to everything bad unlike the good high where you just chill and think of stuff thats happening now.
    this is even making me think about how i definately want to be happy and not mad or depressed or sad or anything if i try lsd, since it affects you even worse, and this is bad right now.
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    no its not a better high now than before, its still just as bad, and terrible.
    im thinking of how the plastic water bottle bong was not good for me and about my left eye being dry as crap and that im going to rub it and its going to hurt and its going to hurt my eye and make it red.
    and like right now im kinda mad (about taking my shoes off, and how im going to have to walk back to my room and how im going to have to tie my shoes (by the way thats kinda hard when your high) but its like your thinking to much to actually look mad.
    and for some reason im mad because what if some smart person posts and doesnt see my updates that i am tying. i know kinda weird to be mad about that but idk its weird.
  4. I think its safe to say by skimming over this that... You're stoned as fuck.
  5. lmfao godgaveusweed, i am but a bad stoned as fuck.
  6. ........ You been slammin tonight son?
  7. lol dude relax make some munch and put on some chill music

    here i'll even find some FOR you...

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bT2Hu_YilMg]Freddie Gibbs - "Talking About You" //CDQ +Mp3 - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYwKGDe7AnQ]Steve Miller Band The Joker Live From Chicago - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IefXfSR7Kyo]SteveMillerBand FlyLikeAnEagle Amazing!!!!!! - YouTube[/ame]
  8. also i guess lsd would bring out the bad in everything, not just your own personal life right now. idk i guess its just a more "hard hit" i guess you could ssay.
    thanks man, idk why but its like i cant relax for some reason.
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    and im watching this video and its making me mad cause now i cant figure out if thats how everything would feel like when your on lsd (for people who havent done it) or would that make you trip out when you were on the lsd?
    P.S. i know lsd is bad for me but im only gonna do it a couple times (havent yet) just to see how it is and i wont be paranoid about how its bad for me cause i know a couple times doesnt really hurt.
  10. and now as im not that stoned, it isnt as bad of a high, but just every little thing makes me aggrivated.
  11. on a bad high at first you focus on few things but really heavily. when your not stoned as fuck you focus on more things but they make you scared or mad, etc. dang.
    this sucks, never token when i was kinda sad before, never doing it again, friends ask ima be like another day haha. shoulda done that today.
  12. sounds like you gotta get laid asap
  13. lol wtf? laid has nothing to do with a bad high... i havent done that when high but i wanna try it, my girlfriend says no though lol.

  14. just take your anger out on her vagina
  15. How old are you?I won't tell if you are under 18
  16. makes sense, i guess if itd make you happy sober itd make you happy high and then youd have a good high.
    buzz - haha im 19, but i havent smoked too long, started when i was 18. didnt have a bad high before tonight.
    and ive done it when stressed before. i guess i can handle stress but not depression. same when sober, same when high i guess lol.

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