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Worst high I've ever had (Story) 5.14.09

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nmarino17, May 15, 2009.

  1. Ok so me and my friends got home from school and decided to knock out a few bowls of some good. So we smoked and all of the sudden directly after we smoked I started to feel really weird. The area I was in started to spin all around and nothing would stay still. So I went and sat down at the table and tried to control myself but everything kept like swaying back and forth, like a major twitch in my eyes. I began to try and talk to my friend and was nearly trembling to get my first words out. So after that I just decided to put my head down and close my eyes. (NOT SUCH A GOOD IDEA) As my eyes were closed my world just kept spinning as if I were on a roller coaster gone wild. Shortly after I got some water and crammed that down following up with 2 IB Profin. After I thought I felt a little better, we took left in our cars to go pick someone up meeting them at the levee. I tried to sleep on the way there again, (not such a good idea considering my eyes were closed). Well the nauseous feeling came back and my stomach was tossing itself all around. So they got out and I stayed in the car in the attempt to control myself. As we left the levee we were in the car and I had to take out my lip stud (I have my lip pierced) because my mouth was constantly watering that salty taste before you throw up. Luckily I could control myself from throwing up and he brought me home on the way back. Well I got home and decided to try and sleep it off. Woke up ate some donuts which did not help the stomach issue. Then went to a sushi restaurant and ate, again, not such the best thing to eat with the stomach problems. Well after all that 3 1/2 hours of pain it was beginning to feel better but not completely until the night.

    I think it was a panic attack I'm not exactly sure but it was the horriblest high I've ever had.
    Has anyone ever had something like this occur to them?
  2. I get that spinning feeling if I get real high. And if I close my eyes, like I said it feels worse. It sucks because the overly intense high wears you out and makes you want to sleep, yet when you close your eyes it feels too uncomfortable because things feel real uneasy. Marijuana can do this man, not every high will feel the same. Don't feel bad, this morning I smoked, got real high, and my entire high was taken over by negative self thoughts, looking at myself in the mirror for extended periods of time and feeling like shit about myself. Total body dysmorphia.
  3. Next time you get too high, calm yourself down. I've also smoked way too much and been completely out of it, but i've always just told myself "calm down, you're just stoned". And it goes away gradually. You only get those panic-like attacks if you don't relax mentally when you're really stoned. Don't ever try to fight a substance that's in your bloodstream. It's impossible. And don't take any pills like you did. That's just unnecessary.

    Just relax maaaan, mellow out :smoke:
  4. sometimes the dealer gives u the wrong weed (laced shit) best thing to do is sleep it off
  5. Even though i haven't a clue as to where or how he got his weed, i am pretty sure it wasn't laced. The whole laced weed thing is extremely rare. If the weed is laced, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt if you smoke it.
  6. I'm sorry man but I've never tripped like that even on shrooms or acid. Probably just need to control yourself better, and moderate your intake a little better? Also, in that type of situation if you feel like you need to throw up it means your body is telling you it's unhappy. Sometimes the best thing to do is just purge yourself of whatever might be bothering you.
  7. ya when u get those kinda highs its best to just try to mellow out
    play somethin smooth
    sit back, and think on it for a few seconds and calm that shit down.
    thats what someone told me - but that was after a time like that so we'll see how it goes when i get THAT high
  8. I appreciate yalls responces.
    The only thing is is that this is the first time it has ever happened and Iv'e been smoking for atleast 2 years on and off.
    Iv'e also had way better weed but I think with all the shit going on in my life right now it just all came out at once. It was horrible, I did chill out and calm myself, I held the feeling really calmly but it hurt me so bad.

    I just hope it doesn't start doing this more often.
    ONCE was plenty enough ha.

    I actually kind of think it was laced but I wasn't necessarily sure.
    I enjoy my mellow chill high's!:smoking:
  9. damm.. the same thing happend two me like twice already.. i didnt think of it as much.. just that the closed eye thing made me feel way more nauseus.. idk..
  10. This has happened to me twice in the last 3 weeks. I took a T break for about 3 weeks and then smoked and was fine. No problems at all. Then a week after I started smoking again I woke up kinda hungover and smoked cuz that usually helps. Wrong, I had to lay on the floor cuz everything was spinning. Then I went and ate and was all good. But on monday of this week, I smoked a B and 3 bowls with my boy and had the same feeling. Only took me about 5 mins to recover this time, not a half hour...So don't feel bad man
  11. Sometimes when you smoke, usually when you smoke a lot, you can get dizzy. Your head could start to spin and you could be feeling nauseous.

    When that happens to me, I start telling myself it's all in my brain. I'm the one making it worst by always thinking about the fact I'm feeling dizzy. Last time it happened I really convinced myself that I wasn't dizzy. Because of that, I felt ok for the rest of the night.
  12. The second time, I tried MJ, every thing was going ok, then we did 4 hits at one time, from a water bottle/water bong, mine where milky as all hell, I took them all like a champ, except the last one burned me, pretty bad.

    We chilled for awhile and I feel it taking affect, then my head feels incredibly heaving and I feel unbalanced and naucus, i feel like I'm going to puke, I calm myself down, then I know I need to get to the toilet bowl (for puking)

    It seemed like it took forever to get to the damn thing and I finnally get there, face in the bowl, spitting, I feel like shit, I don't puke, I stay there for a long time I get up try to hang out with my buds a little more, but I feel sleepier than I ever felt in my life, the second I hit the couch, BAM! I am fuckingout like a light. Best sleep I ever had thou.
  13. I've had weed induced panic attacks before... trust me you would know if you had one.

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