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  1. Let's hear the stories fellas!
    When, where, how, odd places you woke up, odd things you woke up with, dealing with work.

    Post up
  2. Went to a party when I was fifteen, woke up outside the guys house next to his bins at about 4 O'Clock in the morning, still wasted. I then proceeded to throw up almost none stop on top of a raging headache for the next two days.

    Those damn spirits :eek: I can drink as much beer as I can physically fit inside me and will be absolutely fine the next morning, but as soon as I touch the spirits I'm fucked for the next few days :(
  3. I went to my friends house on a monday night. no big deal, we planned on having a beer and watching a movie. next thing you know i'm slamming back shots and smoking a shit ton of weed. fast forward 8 hours and i'm in a fucking field in my car with no idea where i am. my head hurt and i felt soooo sick and still kind of drunk. i felt like i was living in the movie hangover. i had a bunch of missed calls on my phone and texts that were like "where is my homie at" from numbers i did not recognize lol. shit was fucked up and i'm still not sure what happened that night.
  4. Didn't wake up anywhere special, but the worst hangover I've had was from getting wasted off my first batch of homemade wine... Hung over for a couple days along with one of my friends who had much less than I did :laughing: gotta distill that shit
  5. a myself got fucked up on some homemade wine.

    this shit had 30% fucking alcohol in it, and i didn't find out until the next day.

    i was drinking the shit like it was 5% wine. about six hours later, i woke up with vomit all over me on top of this levy about a mile away from my buddy's house.

    apparently i wanted to go to krogers to get some goldfish, and when they wouldn't let me go, i started throwing fists.

    now i'm a responsible drinker usually, and hadn't puked for maybe 3 years before that. all i can say is the thought of homemade wine makes me sick.
  6. Damn homemade wine seems to be a negative...
  7. usually my hangovers are pretty short lived, fortunately. longest one i had was after 8 beers (all day), which surprised me as usually i drink more than that and am fine. more water i guess!
  8. Worst hangover was when I was 17, was just a couple mates round my friends house and we decided to have a game of beer pong. Me and this kid lost and my mates made a concoction of drinks and other things (Mates told me they put half vodka, 1/4 whisky, some cider, cat food, salad dressing and pickle) all in 2 pint glasses - one for me and one for the other kid).

    Anywho, I drank my pint without vomiting, but this kid only managed to drink, at max, 2 sips. So I drank his aswell.

    I was fucking wrecked, all i know is that it was a night of stumbling around streets and throwing up. The next couple of days, I still had the smell of cat food and salad dressing in my nose. It was horrible.
  9. Idk which one was worse so i'll tell you about both. (I'll skip the party details cause this isn't a party thread)

    My buddies parents went out of town so he decided to throw a party. His parents drink like fishes so the house is STOCKED. i started drinking some jamacain white rum which was like 70% alcohol... Then some chicks wanted to go to the beach so before we got in their car we both took a bunch of big gulps of malibu... i dont remember the rest of the night. Apperantly i blacked out and everyone lined up slapping me trying to wake me up.

    I was so fucking hung over the next day and STILL drunk. My moms bf came to pick me up and when i got home i just straight up told my mom i was drunk as fuck and went to bed, i was hungover for a day.

    2. I went out on my bosses boat with him and the whole time we were throwing back beers, barely even got that drunk but we were drinking for hours, The alcohol dehydrated me. When we got back on land we were sober and i decided to go home, i had a bottle of Kraken. (90 proof) So i had a few rum n cokes at the house and i was DRUNK, Took a few chugs from the bottle before i dropped in my bed and when i woke up that morning i found that i had thrown up in my sleep and i just felt like SHIT. couldn't even look at light or id feel like i had to puke.
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  10. Actually just last week :laughing:

    I decided to buy a 12 pack of Bud Light Platinum, drank 10 over the course of the night. Woke up in the AM and my stomach felt kind of funny, but I ate a bagel w/ cream cheese and laid back down. I talked my girl into giving up some booty, and I got my nut in, and laid back down. I end up rolling over to my side seconds later, and I feel my mouth watering up. I go over to the toilet and puke hard 3 times, I get all sweaty but damn I felt so good after that.

    It was the first time that I had ever puked in the AM like that :p
  11. A buddy Of mine that lives in the middle of nowhere had a party, like 2 kegs an music nothing crazy and someone challenged me to a power hour around 8 because we were there early to help set up. Next thing I know I'm taking shots as Well and by 930 I'm fucked up haha way to early but there wasn't much I could do so I kept drinking. But after a while the cops came and started telling everyone to leave and i noticed they checked a group of people with bags that walked by and had a 1/4 in my book bag so I booked it into a field cuz my car was on the other side of it...this fucking field had a hill every 2 feet so I'm jumping over each one and I eventually bailed in between 2 hills and just slept...woke up dirty as fuck with a text from my boss saying "where are you" so I drove the 1/2 mile to my store to realize when I got there I was still drunk..I ran register for maybe 5 mins and my head Hirt soo bad I walked to the bathroom threw up on the door and left...passed out in my car for like 2 hrs and my boss left a note that said "rough night? Lol" thank god she's cool. But that was a rough hangover when I woke up.
  12. I wanted to get really slammed one night but I was being a cheap ass and me and one other friend went to the Vons up the street and got one of those 1.75 liter bottles of lemon flavored vodka. We got back to my pad and started drinking (this was the worst vodka I've ever had, by the way. It would make your lips sting like a motherfucker). After about 6-8 shots we weren't feeling anything so we just kept drinking more and more. Big mistake because it was a creeper and before we knew it we were both completely destroyed. It got to the point where I couldn't even see or stand, so we called it a night.
    I ended up crashing without drinking a shitload of water first and when I woke up, after about 3 hours of sleep, I felt like hell. For the entire day I was puking up bile because there was nothing left in my stomach to throw up but I constantly felt terrible and the only comforting feeling was after I would make myself puke a bit. I was still hungover for most of the day after that, too. And ever since that night I've had a very weak stomach when it comes to drinking. :(
  13. drank way to much capt morgan one night, almost a handle in various drinks. i couldnt stop spinning til the next day at 7 at night, i couldnt watch tv without vomiting
  14. [quote name='"Uvbeenescalated"']drank way to much capt morgan one night, almost a handle in various drinks. i couldnt stop spinning til the next day at 7 at night, i couldnt watch tv without vomiting[/quote]

    Was it 100 proof rum? I had one too many one night and i spent the rest of the night on the bathroom floor i thought i was gonna die
  15. The first time I ever met one of my best friends he and some of his friends got me and some of my friends really drunk off 151. I was still in high school, too. :laughing:

    I ended up superman diving into his tub and puking everywhere. Hahah. Then blacked out.

    The next day was Thanksgiving and I had to do a lot of yard work. It was hot, and awful. :devious:
  16. Lets just say say i had to go to class the next morning and i was feelin a little woozy and i go to sneeze and instead throwup comes out all over the floor
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    Me and 2 mates were drinking coke mixed with whiskey from 2pm till around 5pm or so (we each have a 1.25L coke bottle, and we kept topping the coke bottle up with whiskey till the whiskey bottle ran out, where we went on a bus to the city to a another friend birthday which was in some chinese restaurant. Then I started doing shots of chinese wine. I started feeling really sick after 2 shots..... After we finshed, we walked around the city, then i threw up at some fountain around town hall. Then all of us (there were 14 people plus myself) went home, and i threw up on the bus again. I went back to mines and blacked out on the couch..... and the hangover was cruel the next day
  18. The first time I drank left me suffering from by far the worst hangover ever. I was 16 and didn't know better or how to pace myself. Killing mixed drinks and slamming jager and vodka shots. Got sick as fuck haha.

    I woke up wanting to throw up, but I couldn't. I was so sore all over and just felt like total shit. It felt terrible to move any part of my body and o felt like that for hours. It was like a year after that before I tried drinking again..

    I've never had another hangover like that since, thank fucking god
  19. Woke up in Ireland naked in some dudes bed and i didn't even know his name. Heh, hell of a story, message me and i might tell you it.
  20. threw up all over prom date on a couch that wasn't mine. it wasn't the physical affects that made me hungover.... the emotional ones ;(

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