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Worst gift you got for christmas

Discussion in 'General' started by Grnbean, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Ok let's see what you got that you absolutely hate and don't have the heart to say anything post a pic if you got one..
  2. I don't rate them in terms of best and worst.

    My little sister gave me a cool bracelet.

    My aunt and uncle gave me fifty bucks.

    My grandparents gave me five hundred smack a' rooes.

    My parents got my back on some legal matters plus some awesome menthol containing body wash, body lotion and shaving cream.

    My mom put together an awesome dinner.

    I love them all on an individual and communal level.

    It's not even worth my time and conscious effort to order them.

    That sound depressing, pretentious and OCD.

    Just lots of Love for everything given and shared <3
  3. Pretty shallow op
  4. Im not one to complain about something i was given for free....

  5. Unless he got some coal (if he isn't a hardcore griller) or a rubber dildo (when he isn't gay), then yeah,

    I would have to say it's pretty shallow too.

    Sorry OP.

    Can I ask what you hate about some of your gifts that inspired you to make this thread?
  6. It ain't free man, sooner or later you'll have to reciprocate back.
  7. I can't say I got a single bad gift. If I had to pick it would be the PS3 headset cuz ill never use it. Just going to exchange it for an Xbox one though.
  8. i got a shirt i didnt like so much. Im surprised my great grandmother didnt give me the usual old navy gift card but instead 25$. Oops drinking that up right now..
  9. No need for that octor cooper its not like the gift was given to you as a favour or something
  10. Gez I can't believe people are getting gifts unless from significant other.. I haven't gotten one since I was 16.. I just hang out with family and play some gambling games etc.
  11. Can't say I was disappointed at all this Christmas. Got everything I asked for and more. :D
  12. i dont like getting gift cards because those gifts arent thoughtful or personal

    its worse when its a gift card at a store you never shop at like jcpenny

    it's not shallow to say you dont like your gifts, if you're an adult chances are you gave a gift to the person too. you have a right to be pissed if the gift you gave was much better than what you received.
  13. Nothing really wowed me this year. The gifts were not what they used to be.
    In the past, I've had "better" gifts. But this was the first year I was actually able to afford nice gifts. I still had a great time, love my family, etc.

    The worst gift I received was these flannel teddy bear sheets. I think the pattern is just absolutely disgusting. And flannel is too hot. I couldn't even hide the "WTF" in my voice when I said thanks to my mom. But I put them on my bed, and figured it's not exactly a love den right now anyways. I really hate them. I feel like they are watching me.

  14. If that were true, then I'd be mega pissed.
    But guess what...I'm not. Because that's not what ADULTS do.
    Or more specifically, that's not what mature adults do.
  15. My aunt gave me a framed picture of Jesus. I'm agnostic, but I thanked her for it of course. My mom ended up taking it lol.
  16. I'm alright with the things I got.
  17. My aunt got me Fast and Furious 5...I can't stand those types of brainless action movies haha but hey like they always say, it's the thought that counts :):):):):):)
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    I got a kindle fire, LCD TV, skirt some kick ass leggings, like 15 undergarments. Just lovely ;) , 12 pack of bud light platinum, a coach purse and matching wallet, some monies a pretty nice watch. I got a sweater I don't really care for. It fits weird on me. The only thing I didn't ca're for
    . My brother got me this cool as sticker. It says reality but it's spelt out in mathematical symbols. Dope as fuck.
    And got billy Madison on DVD :D
    And a couple things I can't talk about on here :p

    Butttt.. a couple of years ago I literally had a trashbag Full of stuff that went to a second hand store..
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    I was much younger at the time and was naturally slightly miffed, but i still appreciated it and was fine with the gift, i just think i was abit young for it though...

    A leaflet saying in Africa i had donated £15 for... a goat.

    Wrapped in paper and a bow on it.

    Edit: oh i thought you meant of all the Christmases, this one just gone was cool.
  20. I got a plethora of amazing gifts but then there were these::

    Apparently my family thinks I'm a crazy cat lady already


    I only have two kittens but I got::
    A cat blanket
    Kitten calendar
    Mini kitten calendar
    Kitten planner
    Two cat stuffed animals...

    I really do love my cat animals tho lol

    Worse gift? A stiff lace? Turquoise 2sizes too big short from my aunt that smelled like it was hers by the stench of cigg smoke

    I'm not ungrateful that's nasty...

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