Worst Flight Ever

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Angry Troll, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. I was boarding a long 6 hour flight to go visit family. But, unlike any normal flight, I ate half a pan. Yes. HALF A PAN, of brownies right before leaving my car into the airport.

    This was a recipe for disaster. I got extremely high to the point of paranoia of everything.

    "oh god were moving FUCK!"
    "the walls look like 2D wtf am I flying in a 2D world IS LIFE EVEN REAL if I only had one eye would that make everyday life always like this?!"
    "OH SHIT!" (turbulence)

    It got to the point where I had to put on headphones and close my eyes for what felt like a week. Then getting at a checkpoint for food and stuff I felt so sick, bought a foot long sub, and puked everywhere.
    Never again.
  2. Why'd you eat half a pan. Many edibles' effects last 6 hours. I call troll. Your name doesn't help your case.
  3. Dude atleast you didnt have some overweight 500 Ib dude basically sitting half in your seat with the armrest up for 7 hrs.. That shit sucked so bad that the grandma next to me left her armrest up so I had a little room lol.. Plus he was eating 2 huge bags of combos on top of all that hahah
  4. The worst flight ever is the one where you die. I'll take being too high over that.
  5. Never take flight 666.
  6. Well that was dumb
  7. [quote name='"SirenWasHere"']The worst flight ever is the one where you die. I'll take being too high over that.[/quote]

    Word. Worst flight ever = 9/11
  8. I dont even feel sorry for you. Half a pan?
  9. Damn, you was flying!
  10. i wanna experience thaT!!
  11. Yeah i don't think i would be able to handle myself being high on a flight. i would freak out.
  12. Theryre couldve been snakes on the plane.
  13. Not even close to as bad as being next to an Arab that smelled like rotten dog shit covered for a flight. This dude hadn't showered in months, i literally called the flight attendant over and told her my problem, she was clearly aware of the odor, but informed me there were no other seats available. That, my friend is the worst flight ever.

    It was impossible to get over, that smell was horrid.
  14. Wow you must of been high as fuck, commercial airlines fly at like 35,000 feet. I bet you were pretty stoned to. :laughing: had to be done.
  15. i would have just ridden that high like a champ. thats what you gotta do.

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