worst first day...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by fresh87, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. So I'm just posting this because I'm pissed off.. got my 400w mh kit and mylar today. Repotted my girls (well don't know if they're girls yet I guess, bagseeds for my first run) put up the mylar installed my mh... Everything was done, but then I realized I didn't set up the timer.. so like the complete noob that I am I unplugged my power strip and plugged it into the timer, POP!! My brand new bulb blows. Lesson learned, don't turn it off then right back on. So I go to the hardware store and get a new bulb for $30, put it in and its all good. So about 4 hours later this god damn storm comes in and on the first (and only) crack of thunder takes my power out. Only for it to kick right back on a split second later... POP!!! Second bulb of the first day blown.. now the stores closed and I can't get another bulb. And I don't really want to... Is there anything I can buy such as a power strip apparently other than the one I have that has surge protection built in? My mh doesn't have an on/off switch. Any advice for this would be helpful.. thanks for reading my vent, I can't laugh about it until tm. However, you can laugh at it now lol.
  2. ROFL bad luck dude. seriously sounds like something out of a movie haha
  3. I have a timer that has a 15 minute battery life if the power goes. You can get it at Home Depot

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