Worst fast food experience thread!

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  1. So here's a thread to give your worst fast food experience. I always see these threads start off about a chicken brain, or finger nail, or something, then by the end everyone's talking about what they love to eat lol.

    Let's try to stay on topic and story tell for those nights when you're stoned and just want to read disgusting, twisted, humorous crap. Even if it happened to someone you know, it's welcome. This thread should be fun and entertaining!

    My worst realization (not experience)is that taco bell doesn't have any devices in the kitchen to cook, no stoves, no gas, no fire. Blows my freaking mind to know its all just warmed in hot water and instant like the just add water oatmeal. Hard to eat that shit no matter how good it tastes when you've seen it made.
  2. Fuckin Home Town Buffet rapes my asshole every time
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    I dipped my balls in a guys Fruitopia a long time ago at a Wendys in Toronto
  4. Back when I ate fast food, i had some late night popeyes that gave me the runs, the type you can't even hold, once you feel it coming you have to be at a toilet asap. Don't miss fast food one bit.
  5. At that same taco bell we had a guy come through the drive through who was a known child molester. I was supposed to tell my manager when he came through, but I didn't know why. So I get my manager, he goes, come here, lemme show you and he takes this one long fingernail on his pinky, reaches in his ear and pulls out the biggest glob of ear wax I ever saw!


    My jaw dropped. He looked at me and goes, is that too much?

    And then he reached in and put some back, wiping it off in his ear canal. He took the rest, which was still like the amount of lotion you might put on your hands and wipes it in the taco. He goes to the soap and squirts some into the beans and mixes it up. He serves it to the guy and the guy drives off.

    So I get home that night and my stupid tweaker mom is sitting at The table with someone. She goes, look who came to visit, it's Rob! I look over and it's the fuckng child molester:eek:

    I swear not fifteen minutes later he's puking all over my front yard and then got in his car and left.........
  6. That's really not cool man.
  7. A thumb-nail (or a fucking big finger-nail) in my McD's QP 'n cheese. The worst part is I discovered it in my mouth.
    ...I really didn't wanna relive that experience.
  8. My local burger king is notoriously dirty. How it stays in business I'll never know as I've never seen a car in the parking lot in ten years. So this kid is spitting sunflower seeds in the back. Manager tells him to knock it off, but he doesn't. He spits them into a burger and a customer bites down. Crunch, right into an already been chewed seed. The guy doesn't get fired. Nope. He gets leave (wtf). And is allowed to come back a week later and resume his former position! And here's the article for you:
    Burger King customer reports suspected health hazard | burger, incident, king - Local News - Recorderonline.com
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    I went to a Chili's one time and ordered a sizzling fajita. I'm about to take my third bite when I notice there is a screw in my dish...

    Waiter comes over and tells me they'll make another for me. Then, he insults me by offering a free drink (non-alcoholic). I could have broken my fucking teeth on that thing. I think the situation warranted a little more than a free coke.

    Whatever though, I wasn't really mad about it and I still love Chili's.
  10. This restaurant in my town that was kinda locally famous for being extremely good when it came to fries and chicken sold to new owners and opened in a busier part of town. I decided to take my wife and kids to see what all the fuss was about. So we order chicken and fry baskets and she brings it to us. I ask for ketchup and shes liKe, ooooh, sorry, we don't have ketchup. I must've looked at her like I couldn't comprehend because she instantly goes, I'll go make some fresh ranch though if that'll do.

    My wife and I look at each other weird. We just paid like 8 bucks a basket for this food and they didn't have ketchup. So I go ask for BBQ sauce, nope sorry fresh out.

    At this point I was just weirded out. A place that serves dipping food and no dip? It gets worse. She comes up to my table to set my ranch dip down and the ranch is overfilled and her whole hand was covered in it, with ranch dripping from her fingers. It literally looked like she took her hand and submerged it and the dipping cup into the ranch. We were so disgusted we just stood up, grabbed our food and left.
  11. i had a really salty tasting frutiopia at a Wendy's in Toronto once.
  12. long ass hair from a woman at wendys in my burger.
    tried convincing me it was my hair LOL
  13. i ate some fast food, then had diarrhea afterward.

    and thats pretty much every fast food experience i've ever had.
  14. We used to have a place called grays chili.

    The kicker?

    They didn't serve chili at all.

    Instead, when you ordered a cup of chili, you'd get this styroFoam cup, with this ground up meaty shit that had no texture and no fucking lie, an inch of grease sat on top. When you opened it, you had to pour the grease out To get to the mystery meat. It was even worse if you ordered a chilidog as they'd give you this hotdog with this greasy ass meat that instantly soaked your bun into a soggy mush of grease bread.

    They went out of business.

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  16. Not my expreience, but worth sharing. My buddy cried after eating a big mac, cause it was so bad. Dont worry i slapped him for being such a baby.
  17. I've gotten some fucked up looking shrimp at PopEyes a few times.

    Just need to really submerge those ones in the cocktail sauce
  18. Hairs at KFC to feathers at Wendy's

  19. Food poisoning from Burger King.

    Getting raw bacon on a cheeseburger from Jack in the Box was nasty too. I mostly avoid fast food now.
  20. 2 bad experiences,the first was at taco bell where I ordered a couple chimy changas and happened to look back in the kitchen where the cook was happily picking his nose while making my food,I got my money back and left to never return,the second was at hardees in peoria illinois,I ordered a couple burgers to go and started to eat in the parking lot but as I started to take a bite off my burger I glanced down at it to see a live cockroach squirming in the cheese,I couldn't fuckin believe my eyes,I took it back in where new customers heard me tell the manager what happened and it pretty much cleared the the place out at lunchtime,got a refund and never returned to a hardees,do cockroaches have protein lol

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