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Worst experience with weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SecondClass, Nov 27, 2014.

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    I haven't had many, but the worst thing that happened to me was when I smoked with a friend and this other guy. I started feeling really faint after a few hits, and eventually got up to get some coffee. The next thing I remember, I was sitting back down in my chair with my friend shaking me. Apparently, I tried to pour myself a cup, and passed out for two minutes. I felt shitty for the rest of the day.

    What about you?
  2. uuuuuhhhhhh, too many :(
    well if it pleases the court ill give __2
    -my first time-- okay so i was always the honors student and while i sat with the "stoners" at lunch, i wouldnt ever be caught dead asking them to hook me up. so one day i saw my neighbor(freshman girl, i was a senior) smoking the remnants of a party bowl. we got to talking and she agreed that she could be the middleman.(leason learnt) i didnt let on that i was a virgin, in a sense, so when the day came i was thought to be an equal. we smoked 3 party bowls and a joint between the 3 of us(DB dealer was in.)
    after all that she sparked a cig in the enclosed garadge and i just --HAD-- to get out of there. (ya already know the technicolor etcetc) i ran(sideways) home and threw myself onto the couch. i ended up vomiting for what felt like half an hour and passed out on the couch.
    that sucks and all, but when i came to, i discovered my eighth got swiped by (self-named(blaze)) and i lost my freshly bought 7 dollar pack of cigs :/
    then i got made fun of for puking.... guess there were a few people at my house....
    -bad pickup-- so maybe a year later i had my own little circle that liked to chill at my place. one of my buds had some "samples" from a (dealer*) he met by chance when he went to meet his usual dude. he offered me the bowl and to be honest, even here in "green L.A" it wouldve impressed me. 
    some time passed and he gave me the green light to come and meet him. ---so ill describe the weather---
    -completely dark--new moon-- heavily raining, COLD(we made the same joke at the same time about our nipples cutting glass)
    -distance- 'bout 4 miles
    -transport- bikes, mine was NOT good on wet streets
    back to the meat.- so before we left he wanted to say "high" to his ex-gf. he was back after 30 mins with a "parting gift."
    well so he seemed royaly F*KED and he said we should get a bowl in before we left. the bud was a weird consistency (dark out) but i matched with the bit i had left. we smoked and by the time we were on our bikes half a mile away, it HIT me. "like" total spill crossing an intersection. he berated me for a few minutes until he got what i was drooling on about. we both were pressed on time so we didnt walk.
    (now that i look i still have scars XD) we got to the "DZ" really late and i did my whole, i wont bite, dance while he vouched for me. he motioned me over and --I fell ontop of this(albino-african-american) but thank god he had a good sense of humor.-- "he honestly scared the shit out of me just looking at him in the dark"
    so after that he gave me a extra sack because "im a pretty, little thing"(i was actually starting nose on d-line--the irony)
    we were tailed by a cop car for about a mile before we could cut through a park. that was def-close one
    ---(turns out the "parting gift" was adulterated but i wont go into that.... lets just say it used to be sold in gas stations)--
    *****im a chronic liar--- any and all posts i make are are the product of too many attempts to save my reflection from drowning---im a chronic liar ;)*****
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    i had what i can only assume was a panic attack... racing heart beat, couldnt control my thoughts and i kept getting the urge to tell someone. plus, i stupidly bought pre-rolled (from someone i trust ofc) but the possibilities of it being "laced" despite it ALMOST never happening was running through my head which made the experience x100 worse. but i ripped open what was left of the joint in a panic and it was real weed. i think i just smoked some really good shit and out of my tolerance level. i was fairly new to smoking at the time. still though, after 25-30 minutes of being in a panic i started looking online and managed to calm myself down by breathing and going over the facts of weed...the main one being that it cant be fatal sounds weird but that was good reassurance for me lol :p weed is one of the only "drugs" you get that type of reassurance on... anyway, the rest of the high was really enjoyable. when i eventually fell asleep my mind was still cloudy waking up 3-4 hours later for school. 
    but i had a few "unpleasant" experiences after that... for a few weeks after that experience i kept getting paranoia OF being paranoid lol. it'd eventually pass and the high would be enjoyable as usual though. idk i do honestly think it was good stuff & i was smoking far too much. i think i just underestimated weeds potential to screw with you... sure its still a drug and can give you bad experiences. as long as you arent an idiot like i was and stick to what you can handle its a good ass time :D
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    Was smoking with my brother at about 16, we both smoked alot of dank (if i had to guess it was about a 8th each) and I went back to my room. When i layed down i started to panic because my ribs hurt. After 10 mins of panicking i felt a hard thump in my chest my left side were my ribs are tensed up and felt like my left side was poking out. I went to my brother thinking my lungs collapsed. He told me im just super high and to go to bed. So i went to bed (was really hard by the way). I woke up and everything was fine.

    Think before you do!
  5. never had bad experience with weed only my very first time gettin high i was outside just lookin atthe moon thinking the moon was about fall down to earth.

    and my mouth was very dry no homo
  6. Aw, it was K2? I love that shit, can't believe it's illegal now.
  7. #7 ThreadNecro, Nov 28, 2014
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    i didnt say that ;)
    "whatever it was" was not something you wanted in your system if you wanted to do a beeline to the restroom. ---DEFINITELY--- not something you want dropped on you, when you were making the journey to "black-batboys" lair
    whatever it was is far and beyond anything natural
    (this was the day after.-- he wanted to try to toke again in a controlled enviroment. i was game)
    "bud" was convinced that he was dead and that he possesed his old body...***after i think he either said he heard the voices of the dead or he felt his body rotting((i vaguely remmember him way too focused on his...Left arm))-- what he said was kinda hazy***
    i was vomiting(again.... but he did also...after he saw me...) and i thought my neck was expanding like a bullfrog.
    i ended up screaming something at a mini-buddah that was in my basement for a while. neither of us remembered what i said but we agreed i was...
    "whatever it was" was something that i would classify as a psychedelic or anything but marijuana....
    **if** it was k2 then we need to get a f*cking move on legalizeing(sp) (mmj)
    --now im not picking any fights :D
      its just not for me
      the intensity, though, was waaay through the roof
  8. I wish I could talk about it but it's against the rules so I'll leave you with one word. Laced.
  9. but straight up pot smoking I had a few bad times I guess I came close to getting caught when I was pulled over and I had three G's in my pocket a long with 3 other baked dudes in the  car who all had weed on them too, it was scary af but luckily the cop did not notice 
  10. then again, my previous post **probably** was just us freaking out over some good ;)
    that was preground.... ;)
  11. Was a smoking a j and the ash off the end was blown by the wind into my mouth. The ash shattered on the roof of my mouth I vomited all over the place and then finished the j like a boss

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  12. i honestly cant say ive ever really had that bad of an experience with weed. ive definitely gotten the fear but it was always in kind of a hilarious way
  13. I've had 3 bad experiences, the worse being after taking a .35 gram dab of some 85% thc shatter. Couldn't stop convulsing and shaking for a good 2 hours, groin would tense up like I was really effected by temperature. I would just be sitting in a chair and my body just wouldn't stop shaking/convulsing for no reason. There was a definite kick of paranoia that came with it and just a general bad high feeling. I just said to myself well this sucks and just waited it out.

    My 2 other bad experiences were with dabs also, another shaking/convulsion incident but this time my groin locked up on me and it was the worse pain of my life. I was driving(bad idea) and had to pull over for an hour before the tense shaking would stop, centered around my groin area. And the other i came back to some dabs after a week break and felt like I couldn't catch my breathe so I went to sleep
  14. hell yeah!
    My first time i overhit the bong and had horrible coughing fits. The rest of the night was fine though, I started cracking up and then passed out while watching Rambo.

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