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Worst Experience with Johnny No Fun

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Space Chimp 155, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. So I was thinking of all the stories I have heard about run ins with the cops and getting arrested or close calls. We can all learn from each others experiences!

    In 2007 I got a DUI and since then i get pulled over all the time, which sucks. I only blaze at home now because of so many close calls, and if picking up, I will drive super careful, because i get an o at a time and that shit stanks. I passed all my drug test for the DUI by obstaining for 3 weeks before probation meetings and once by drinking that jelly preserve and fast food right before the test. u?
  2. I've never been caught. Been cornered three times, but always ran.

    Thank God I'm Hussein Bolt.

  3. usain bolt * lol
  4. Sorry, been watching reruns of CNN from 2004.
  5. most i had happen was being pulled over a few times after drinking and having a huge bag of pot (i wasnt drunk at all.. just.. not legal cuz limit is zero) but i have a pro as fuck spot to hide weed in my car, my console lifts up and unclicks and i can hide my bag ontop of my tranny in a little cubby hole. He smelt it both times, once he asked me if i had been smokin, i said no man, he asks u sure u dont got any roaches? and i look him in the eyes and said "i dont even have an ash tray man" and he shines his light over to my CD player which is where the ashtray would normally be. Then he says i have no N, so i looked back and was like naw man it just fell on my seat! and put it back in the window and he begrudgingly let me go with a warning to have my N showing. Good times!

  6. Sorry im canadian, and live in BC, an N is a reflective green magnet that you are supposed to put on your car when you are a new driver, im not a new driver but i am lazy and havnt gotten my full license yet :p
  7. Never gotten caught. Been pulled over with weed in my car though.

  8. thanks for clearing that up. i learned something today.
  9. Either the time my "friend" called the cops after getting paranoid and telling the cops where I lived so they could come over and fuck with me.

    Or the time in my signature.
  10. Bumped into a cop at Starbucks while absolutely reeking of burnt weed. I assume he was off duty or didn't care because he just turned around and said sorry even though it was 100% my fault. That's Canada for you.

  11. It's because if he wanted to do something about he he'd have to do necessary paperwork.
  12. That's because Canadian cops know you're just high. What are you gonna do? Buy out the Starbucks? Oh no! I love smoking on the streets of TO. I've got no worries, and no run ins with the cops...ever. The war on drugs (marijuana) is bullshit.

  13. All you need to remember is one thing, if you were pulled over for no reason (exactly what a DUI check point is)

    You do this, and you will not go to jail, its tried and true. Exercise your rights.

    [ame=]How to handle DUI Checkpoints - REMAIN SILENT - YouTube[/ame]

    That is all.
  14. Would that have worked if he was reeking of booze? i think not..
  15. The point is you don't talk to police, and you never incriminate yourself.

  16. Reeking of booze = probable cause.
  17. [quote name='"funkydslr"']The point is you don't talk to police, and you never incriminate yourself.[/quote]

    That's the 5th amendment for ya

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