worst experience high

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  1. ok so im at my friends house and were in his basement. there are 4 of us and me and my friend had been smoking all day, when it got late and his parents went to sleep my friend decided to start drinking and he doesnt know his limit..he brings a big dasani bottle downstairs and drinks most of it. me and my other friend went outside to blaze again and he came out..we gave him like one hit and at this point hes completely drunk and high and can barely stand..so now im really high and he starts walking away and falling in the snow so i have to drag him inside and puthim on the couch and he starts throwing up everywhere and his eyes are rolling back in his head and he cant stand, he didnt even know my name and im freaking out not knowing what to do (call 911) or just let him lay there, so after about 2 hrs he falls asleep and we decide to go upstairs and go to sleep leaving him in the basement.
    we wake up the next morning and hes still drunk as fuck and theres vomit all over his blanket..and he didnt even get caught he was just hungover the entire day..anyways thats the whole story..any one else have bad experiences high?

  2. ^I agree^

    But yeah, I HATE drunk kids when I'm blazed...especially if they start puking everywhere...
    Although, it's funny when someone who is cocky with drinking gets completely destroyed and makes an ass of them self.:D

  3. I read what you said, and then i saw your sig and for a split second i thought of it like that dude in the sig said that, and i laughed my ass off. I almost died i laughed so hard.
  4. driving to downtown Cincinnati on the heavily trafficked interstate while its pouring down rain and trying to smoke a J
  5. First time I smoked up I was alone and was tripping balls. Kept passing out and heart was pounding real hard. Had no one to speak with or anything and the body buzz was intense.

    I don't regret it.
  6. sounds a lot like my first time
  7. That kids, is why you should just chill and blaze the herb instead of killing a whole water bottle of god-knows-what in one sitting by yourself! :smoking:

    Smoke on brothaz!!!
  8. One time my friend flipped out and literally went insane when we were tripping, he had a fucking massive knife and he poured a two gallon jug of milk straight over his head, some of which landed on an exposed element in a radiator which exploded and blew out the electricity for the entire studio we were in at the time plunging it into total darkness then he started screaming and thrashing about crying and shit. talk about bad fucking vibes.

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