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Worst excuse ever

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Grinder12000, Aug 16, 2020.

  1. Many years ago my buddy and I had a big chunk of hash and were out for a drive. He wanted to fill a bowl but I had it in my pocket.

    Like a good driver I pulled over in the country and put on my flashers and we started to load a bowl. WELL - a cop pulls up behind us and as fast as I can I stash the chunk under my leg.

    Cop comes up and looks in and asks if there is a problem. "Oh no officer. no problem" I say and then he asks what we are doing.

    WELL - I say "I am checking my speedometer".

    He asks who it is and I look at it and I say it looks accurate (it was on 0 MPH).

    He looks at us and says. "Well OK boys, just be careful". and drives off.
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  2. smoking in your car parked on a road is stupid. you should do it only when your car is in a secluded place
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  3. A parked car with it's hazard lights on is a tractor-beam for cops.
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  4. Not smoking - just loading. Only smoking in a moving car. Stationary is SO easy to get caught. And it was 40 years ago. Plus "secluded place" is where the cops always look. Moving is the best. I would never ever be stopped in a car and smoking.
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  5. Maybe the excuse short circuited the cop's brain and he walked back to the safety of his car in confusion. It can be dangerous to say the first thing that pops into your head, especially at critical times. I've had a couple of those experiences that make me wince when I think back on them.
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  6. Ohhh I am trying my hardest to not laugh right now.

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