Worst drug

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Worst drug.

  1. Heroin.

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  2. Cocaine

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  3. Methamphetamine

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  4. Other

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  1. We all know that pot is the best drug. But what about the
    worst drug? I'll give three choices and an other category.
    If you pick other, please elaborate.

    If I had to pick, I'd choose meth, but I've seen what coke did
    to my brother, so I know that's bad too.

    This post is multiple choice too. You can choose more than
  2. I would consider herion a suicide mission. coke, eh, I dabble in that every now and again, Im not a big fan, and I dont suggest anyone get a bag for this afternoon, but its not nearly as bad as meth or herion. other, Im not a big fan of mescaline..Ive seen people claim they are jesus knocking out all the lights in the house, running around like a chicken without a head just because they couldnt grasp the idea that jesus would be anything but a chicken without a head
  3. I chose heroin, but only because of second-hand knowlege.

    Pretty much, I think anything that forms a physical addiction and could kill you, sucks.
  4. I find it funny when people try to villify little piles of powder..
    addictiveness doesnt make something 'bad', it just means that a smaller segment of the population has the willpower to use it responibly. heroin isnt even that bad for you when used in a controlled manner

    i think nutmeg is the worst drug.. nutmeg or smoking catnip. [​IMG]
  5. Heroin is definetley a bad drug phunkyphil it's just made worse when Skag Heads use each other needles and shit like that so they run a higher risk of getting AIDS. I've seen people fuck up big time on that drug and it's not a pleasent site dude.
  7. lol, Got em

    i think heroin. out of the 3 ive only done coke but i dont think it is the worst, i do it here and there and it not so bad for u. But heroin there is no here and there. True that addictivenees doesnt make something bad but if u get addicted and the substance witch is addictive is bad then that is bad. and some people dont get as addicted to things as others but heroin a lil hard not to.
  8. only ever done coke(crack too) but from stayin up readin erowids i think the worst would be meth because instead of just feeling good when youre high supposedly you can function better and at first can give you the illusion that it will help you get your life together so that kinda uhh....

    im sorry i forgot what i was talking about cuz im polish; sorry...

  9. That's happened to you too?
  10. I've done all three....heroin was the one that made me the sickest
  11. worst are:
    adulterated tobacco products
    basically anything u gotta stick into your veins.
    coke and worse yet, crack... nevva gonna touch them.

    and a little note about poppers.... as common as they are they are not worth the damage they cause. to take poppers is simply to know the feeling you get when some of your braincells burst and explode... because thats all it is.

    alcohol scores fairly highly too.
    speed i gotta mention as well, as i get nuthin good from it... just a 12 hour hell ride of pain, emptiness and suffering.

    worst drug of all tho? ... i think im gonna say cigs... just cause at least the junkies can get a real effect from their filth. us nicco addicts get nuthin.
  12. tobacco... tis evil. no more needs to be said.
  13. I can't believe I forgot tobacco. The real evil weed. :)

    Actually, I was thinking illegal drugs. Shoulda said that.
  14. I'd say Heroin, but only cause I watched Requiem for a Dream.. but meth is fucked up as well..I'd say coke is the most tame of the three.
  15. methamphetamine... as in MDMA? as in Exstacy?

    i really cant beleive more people have ranked that higher than coke.

    the drug in its pure form isnt really that bud... its just that loadsa pills out there are so full of other shit. its the adulterants that are the real killers from it.
  16. I dun do nothin sides weed n alchohol

  17. I picked herion. From what I've heard, it'll fuck you up really bad. I promised myself that I'd never do anything that would kill me on the first time. LOL

  18. No, man. Methamphetamine isn't ecstasy. It's also known
    as crystal, ice, crank, and there are probably others.
    It's what the Nazis gave to the troops so they could wage war
    night and day. It was the fuel for the Blitzkrieg.

    Nasty drug that you smoke, snort or shoot. Highly addictive,
    and if you use it regularly, can cause psychosis.

    Did you ever see the footage of that tank in San Diego
    running over everything in it's path, trying to knock down a
    pedestrian walkway, and basically destroying everything it
    could? The guy who did that was high on Meth. He was so
    out of it, that the officers who finally climbed aboard had to
    kill the guy, to get him to stop.
  19. acid

    by the way i had some coke last nigth and man it was good!

    as for heroin.. meh i tried it and it was nothing special.. i was pretty dissapointed
  20. i'd put heroin on top of the bad list. addictive, unpredictable and expensive. never tried it.

    next is crack / cocaine, for no other reason than that it is more predictable, and not that addictive. never tried it.

    thirdly nicotine. addictive as hell, and no high after a while. i'm a full blown junkie.

    XTC / MDMA comes fourth. not addictive or expensive, but it alters your brains dopamine production for the rest of your life if used often enough. scary shit. never tried it.

    alcohol comes in penta. not as addictive as other drugs, but it do kill braincells, and also causes a lot of violence. love it, especially beer. mmmmmmmm, beer...

    meth is sixth and last. not addictive, but keeps you awake. can cause irrate behaviour after long use. tried it once, not my kind of trip.

    THC is not on this list coz':

    1) it's not addictive
    2) it's not a narcotic
    3) it's not bad for you

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