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Worst documentary EVAR

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by marley_stoopid, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. #1 marley_stoopid, Jan 29, 2010
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    i know its been posted here before, but i drove me wild how biased and inaccurate it is....trying to tell me steroids are less harmfull than marijuana...please :rolleyes: i had to stop after they placed it 11 on the top 20 most dangerous drugs...

    The 20 Most Dangerous Drugs | Watch Free Documentary Online

    watch and post your thoughts.....

    /end of rant.

    EDIT: i would also like to know where this apparent death came from...
  2. theses people are so retarded they did a study with THC by giving it directly to the brain and not smoking it they even said its different from smoking they
    im pretty sure everyone when they started smoking could barely control their shit its basically like giving the dankest shit to a newbie
    SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!

    just cause they have a sweet accent makes them sound smart
    i want to see the record of this one death too
  3. #3 JohnLajoie, Jan 29, 2010
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    They said that cannabis was linked to lung cancer. You know why? Because the brits mix cannabis with TOBACCO thats how they get lung cancer.. fucking fail documentary..
  4. How is MJ possibly more harmful than ecstasy !!!???!!:eek:
  5. Lung cancer. Stopped watching there, honestly
  6. ive legally died 6 times due to marijuana overdoses. it is not a drug you want to fuck with. i keep doing it cause i like to live on the edge.
  7. ^samsies
  8. "It's like I had to tell them this and then tell them that because I just noticed that because of this, but I couldn't put together a sentence." -The THC Test Subject

    That dude was just completely stoned. :laughing:

  9. your lieing
  10. and why wasn't Meth topping the list..?
  11. prove it.
  12. anyone elses thoughts on this?
  13. Dont we all.

  14. ive seen some one put more then three onces of weed in cake and eat almost all of it in one nite and didnt over dose u CANT overdose on weed
  15. What was number one? I hope it was a deleriant since those basically work by poisoning you. Deadly Nightshade is not something I ever want to try. Any sanctioned video on drugs is going to be full of propaganda. Broadcasters have sponsors who bring them money with ads. A lot of time these companies are threatened by MJ for example alcohol companies. Honest media and legitimate fact based news are like Atlantis. They are myths.
  16. First was heroin. I forget what second was

  17. sig'd

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