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worst day of my pothead life

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dankdro420, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. So yestarday me and my friend were soo excited because we had saved up mad money and were gonna buy a bong. nonetheless, we had bought a 40 of some dank ass dro from our dealer and we were gonna be able to blaze that out of our new piece.

    So we got the bong and it was mad nice, like 2 feet tall and it has white glass swirls and a bunch of shit i cant even describe it.

    and we get back to our friends apartment and decide its time to blaze. so we do, and this bong has us completely retarted. So far almost the best day of my life. Then we sat on our asses, watched friday after next and black hawk down and went and smoked some more. then we decide its time to go home to my friends house cause theres nothing to do and its getting late.

    So were on the way home and this cop drives by, but my friend sees him and slows down, so its all good. Then the cop turns around and starts following us and pulls us over. He checks my friend\'s license and he somehow has warrants out for his arrest. We had the bong with us and like .02 grams of weed, so they ganked the weed and smashed the bong. Then they call my and my friends parents and have them come pick us up. Im lucky that im underage or else i would be in a jail cell right now. Then, they single out my friend for whatever reason and try to get him to snitch and say the name of our dealer. He doesnt, but he tells his parents that one of the people that he got weed off of was my brother, which isnt exactly true, but his parents believe him. His parents tell my parents that my brother\'s name came up, and they tell my brother who denies it, which leads my parents to believe that my friend lied, and that pissed them off and they want him to apologize now. And now that my parents know that i blaze, my mom said as long as i dont do it frequently and i dont get caught shes fine with it. my dads a cop so this freaks me out, but you know, so now my mom is ok with it and my friend wants to quit smoking. How sweet life is.
  2. Welcome to the land of the free.

    If I get stopped with pot (even if I have 20 years of medical history on me, and I\'m not in my teens anymore lol), I\'ll loose my job, possibly my car, most likely my home as a result of losing my job, will have to spend thousands on attourneys fees, and will probably kick the bucket from all the stress.

    But whatever.. What are you kids doing smoking a bong and eating and watching movies!!! aDamnit you should be out getting drunk, having unprotected sex and getting nice and addicted on cigarettes.

    What\'s wrong with you! Don\'t you know pot causes insanity!
  3. Delete this thread, kid. just do it.
  4. delete it why?
  5. if your underage you shouldnt be a member of this site. part of the rules state you must be 18 or older to register...
  6. As Retro said, you must be 18 to be here :wave:
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