Worst Day of My Life...

Discussion in 'General' started by 420Haze, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Basically this is just a rant about how horrible my day has been, so if you don't care or don't feel like reading all this then here's a heads up.

    Today was the kind of day you wish you had just slept through. I was shit on by karma or whatever you want to call it so many times today it isn't even funny. I don't think I'm a bad person, I try to help everyone I can if I'm able, so I really don't see what I did to deserve all this.

    To start things off, my favorite shirt that I was gonna wear had a bunch of soap all over it when I looked at it before I put it on, so I couldn't were that. Then classes were a bunch of crap all day. Then I see that someone has broken into my car. They fucked the lock on the trunk and stole my speakers. I had 2 10 inch subs in a nice carpeted box with ports and a plexi cover, along with a nice chrome 800watt amp. Then I was supposed to get this new cell phone today and it was one I had really been wanting for a long time and he was selling it cheap, and the guy I was supposed to buy it from sells it to someone else like 2 hours before I was gonna get it, and the shit of it is that I talked to him yesterday and he said he would hold it for me. So he says he'll sell me a different one. I ask him specifically if there is anything wrong with it like any buttons missing. He mumbles something and tells me he has a car charger too, so I asked him again and he says there isn't anything wrong with it. So when I go to meet him the fucking center button is missing! Like wtf, does he think I am so stupid that I'm not going to notice something like that? So I give him a piece of my mind and leave. he basically lied to my face about it like I'm stupid or something, and I had to bull shit around with him all day to get a chance to meet up with him too, so he basically wasted about 5 hours or so of my day, and to top it all off, I'm not able to get ANY phone. Then I'm all out of weed and the guy I always buy from who ALWAYS has something, didn't today. No one I know did, so I'm completely dry. I have a friend bitching at me because it was his day off and I wasn't able to hang out like I said I would because I had to deal with the guy with the phone all day long. It's two weeks to my 19th birthday and I'm miserable and still no closer to being able to move out. I have no job. No prospects for a job seeing as no place cares enough to give me a call back since I'm going to school during the day, and when I call them they just give me the runaround and tell me to call back in a week. Then to top it all off I just broke up with my girlfriend today because I found out she has been cheating on me for about 3 weeks now.

    So basically, I'm pretty miserable right about now and have been having a miserable day. I have been shit on by karma or whatever all day, so if karma is real then I see it I have some really good shit coming my way after all of this.

    Thanks for taking the time to anyone that actually read all of that, typing all of that actually made me feel a little bit better.
  2. That's a real bad day, man, I feel ya. There's so many days that I feel I'm gettin' the shit end of the karma stick. Happens quite frequently actually. Shit happens so randomly and you just can't see it coming. Well, I have one from just earlier tonight:

    I get up with my friend after work to smoke and just chill. He picked up a couple grams of the regular shit we get, nothing too special but not some reggie. We smoked a few bowls and listened to some music while we rode around. After a while we were like, fuck it, let's smoke the rest. So we rolled the last gram into a blunt and get it lit up. About 5 mins after we start cheifin' the blunt, I go to ash it out the window and the wind from outside blew the blunt right out of my hand. I remembered right where we were at on the street and we rode back to find it. Looked a couple times and never saw where it landed. Shit pissed me off but my friend was like "Whatever, shit happens." I couldn't believe it, it was the last bit of weed we had and he was so passive about it.
  3. wow thats a horrible fucking day dude.
    find some alcohol to wash away the shittyness
  4. the only really bad out of the ordinary part of the day i see is your shit getting jacked?

    your shirt had soap?? oh no
    classes sucked?? i'm sure every one elses classes are wonderful?
    car getting broken into?? thats shitty, i'm not gonna lie and that right there would make me ahve a horrible day.
    not being able to buy a probably stolen cell phone??? thats good karma buddy, count on it
    Dry?? call a buddy and see if you can smoke on his sack if you provide some food and entertainment... oh wait, you put a buddy on hold to try and go buy a probably stolen phone.
    No job? son your a weed smoker, use your head and you will never have to worry about buying weed again. put an ad on craigslist for fuckin lawn work or something.
    19th birthday??? your 18 for the second time LOL
  5. Yeah, sounds like a pretty fucked up day compared to a lot of the other "my day sucked!" posts you read around here.

    Just have to roll on and hope for a better one tomorrow. Surely some good came from some of these events.
  6. Shit bro...

    But just picture that you're a Siamese twin. Your brother is gay, and you're not. He's having company tonight... you only have one asshole...
  7. Lol what a cunt.

    @ the OP, gutted bro cant really say much else... Shit happens.


  9. lol. way to put it in perspective...:rolleyes: ;)
  10. uuhh telling someone makes me feel better sometimes too..
    im sorry about your girlfriend..she obviously didnt worth to be..
    keep lookin for a job something will come out...
    being dry sucks..i know...
    as for the phone...well i dont know what to say about that..i never beem in your position...but genereally wasting your time does suck..
    i'm guessing the soap thing didnt really bother you when it happend but you just add it..
    the car...yeah i can understand that...thats shitty....
    well we all have problems and shitty days...cheer up...
    if make a list with my problems and all the stuff gone bad these days you'' freak out/but no i wont freak you out/lolzz ^.^'

    [​IMG] YOU... you remind me of someone but i cant understand who..but recently everytime i read your posts i have dejavus..hhhmmm...
    I haz no idea but i will find out..hhmm...:wave:
  11. I feel ya man, this whole week has been a living hell to me, one of the hardest weeks of my life.

    But someone told me something the other day, which for some reason wont go outta my head

    Only after persevering through the toughest of times, can we fully appreciate the best times we have. Goodluck bud.

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