Worst day of my life [WARNING: Long]

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  1. I originally posted this in the "First time you got caught by your parents" thread, but I figured it was a long enough story for its own thread.

    I was 16 years old, the 4th of July. My buddy and I were calling EVERYONE for bud because Arizona was going through one of it's famous dry spells. We decided that we could both call whoever we could possibly call for bud, find some, then he would pick me up and we cruise around and smoke. I was outside of some lame neighborhood party making calls. My friend and his brother were throwing a football around on the street. I remembered the my friend's brother smoked a lot, so I thought about asking him but it was sketch because I really didn't know him that well. After 10 minutes of making calls I just said "Fuck it" and went and asked him. He tells me he'll see what he can do, and that he knew I smoked because his parents told him about how I gave my parents an ounce of weed for Christmas (I'll save that story for another time:rolleyes:). I gave him my phone number and he tells me that he'll call me when he gets it and I can just walk over to his house to grab it. His parents were at the party so it wasn't that sketch for him, even though the party was just 3 houses down. He gets on his phone and starts walking away. "Yo, Mikey. I was wondering if you would be able to do something for me..."

    So I walk across the street to the park and call up my buddy to tell him the good news, but he's already got better news waiting for me. He picked up a quad a Sour Diesel. Then mid-conversation the kid beeps in and I tell my friend I'll call him up after I pick up my shit. He tells me to walk up to his house. I saw him standing out there earlier so I just said "Aight" and hung up.

    I walk to the end of his driveway he's sitting there in front of his garage. Now I didn't see it until last second because of all of the cars parked up along the street because of the party, but I really wish I did. My neighbor who was throwing the party, her brother Mike was sitting right next to him. He's in his late 40's. I've always hated the guy. Kind of a psycho and almost always a dick. So I was at the point of no turning back. Halfway up the driveway and they're both looking right at me. Mike hands me a tightly packed bowl for myself.

    There I was, stuck between a rock and a hard place. How can you turn down such generosity? I start hitting the pipe and talking to them. It was weird because I was just standing there toking out in the open by a semi-major street less than a half a mile from the police station, but all was good. We just talked about bud and what was new and shit. I finally finish and blow out my last hit. Right then I see the ground light up red. A second or two later a hear a BOOMB. The fireworks start to go off. The entire party, with my dad included, walk to the end of the driveway at the party to watch the fireworks. Had I not just smoked a bowl of chronic to myself, I probably would have just booked it out through the ally behind is house to avoid being seen. But no, I wondered out to the end of the driveway to see the fireworks. Unfortunately for us, the fireworks were in our direction down the street. Now half my neighborhood is standing 3 houses down looking in our direction, with smoke still in the air. The kid's mom starts yelling at him to come down there to watch the fireworks with them. We start walking back an Mike just starts telling me "They all know what we were doing, but who gives a shit? Hahahahaha" I get down there, I probably REEK. I try to escape the party. I start walking down the street towards my house. The only problem was that I was leaving for New York on vacation the next day, so everyone had to have there last goodbyes. So I yelled down the street to them and continued on. I thought I may have gotten away with it. I saw my dad walk inside on the phone so maybe he was too busy to notice.

    I get halfway down the street to my house, halfway to freedom. That's when I saw him. It turned out my dad walked out the back way out of the house and went home. He was waiting at the end of the driveway for me. He starts grilling me, because he knew I didn't ever talk to those guys. He knew what I was up to but I just had one of those "Fuck off" attitudes towards him and he left me alone.

    Now this story has been drawn out too long as it is, but it gets worse. My mom had been working on straightening out our tickets for the trip and couldn't make it to the party. She got way pissed that we didn't bring her back a plate of food. My dad yelled at me to go back and get her a plate. I'm about to leave and I look at my eyes in the mirror. They were straight cashed! So I had to walk back into the party decently high with WAY cashed eyes and explain to my neighbors who were putting away the food why I needed a plate of food. So now they pile as much food as they possibly can into my arms and then some. I start dropping shit everywhere. I finally ditched out of there, got home, and crashed. I didn't even get to chill with my friend before I left.

    Worst day of my life. I applaud anyone who actually took the time to read through my entire post.:hello:
  2. i wanna hear the story about how you gave your parents an ounce of bud for christmas...now
  3. good story but if that was the WORST day of your life, then you have it made
  4. Shit, that's your worst day?

    Trade lives!
  5. Well, I guess I should have clarified. The worst day of my life... revolving bud. Never been busted by the 5-0.

    The day I found out my dad was a meth addict. Then that night getting shit faced drunk for the first time in my life and having my parents find me lying on my back wasted next to my own vomit in front of our front door at 3 am. That was probably my worst overall.
  6. yeah thats a rough one. Your story was good though. :)
  7. I enjoyed the read. I hate having to rely on people that you don't like, and I'm sure everyone else can relate. Sounds like a tough night... just vegetate long enough and it will all go away :D
  8. I wish the worst day of my life was THAT good.

  9. That story gave me the worst headache.
  10. worst day of your life...when your friend picked up a 1/4 of sour diesel and let you smoke a bowl of it to your face.

    I thought for sure you'd be getting arrested for something, not having to walk 3 houses down to get a plate of food for your mother.
  11. i dont understand what was so bad about that story ? so what people know your a pot head but at least you didnt get punished.

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