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Worst day ever!!!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by panic man, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. today i woke up around ten and i decide to go out in the boat and get drunk with a bunch of my friends so i ride to the store and get some beer and then picked up a fat sac and headed towards the boat

    get to the boat and try and start it and realize that its out of gas but luckily we were at a marina so we just filled it up and then we go out into the river and decide to do some wakeboarding i was already drunkand high as hell so i went first . i got up fine and cut really hard back into the wake and tried to do a back flip but i fail and fall and the board comes off my feet and smacks me right in the face and breaks my nose (i was really messed up so i really didnt notice until it started bleeding and my friends said it was really messed up

    so we decide to go in and i got in my car and we pulled out of the marina and got drilled by another car on the passenger side . i have never been that pissed by i just got a new truck i havent even had it for a week . but luckily no was hurt besides my nose which was now hurtin like no other b/c i wasnt drunk anymore

    then the cops come and they smelled pot but they didnt find my sac thank god but i had a cooler full of beer in my truck
    and he charged me for possesion of alchohol by a minor
    (i am only 18) and a DUI

    so off to jail for me and i called my dad and he came and got my out and i have never seen him that made in my life b/c they think i dont do anything bad.

    so today was the worst day of my life but thank god my best friends mom is a cop and i called her right when i got home and she said she will try and get me out of it but she wasnt sure about the DUI

    but now i am alittle better b/c i just smoked a bowl and everything is jolly for now hopefully

  2. Damn man, that does suck. Sorry to hear that...Just smoke some more herb and listenin to some panic...thats what i do to chill out.
  3. All I can say is.. you are such an asshole. And I'm glad your truck got hit. Drinking and driving is very stupid.
  4. i agree with Criminal how stupid is it to drink then drive chances are something will happen but i am sorry to hear that your nose got broken:( anywayz im gald you are feeling better but now learn that you should not drink and drive.
  5. ya i definatly learned my lesson i just found out I have to go to court next week . thats really goin to blow
  6. so you broke your nose just today? that couldnt be THAT bad, i would imagine you would get some damn good drugs in the hospital.. thats all i would be thinkin about lol. well besides the searing pain.


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