Worst day ever... And its only 3:20 in the afternoon so far.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by falacy, May 26, 2010.

  1. So, I came from a shit party about 1:30 this morning where i had to break up with my girlfriend to find my door open by my room mate (later found out that my room mate went in my room to grab my towel becouse she wanted to shower)and her puppy that she just got went in my room and ate 80$ worth of Dank out of my jar becouse she left the door open.) And im like, oh well, its just weed, Ill get some more, no biggie. Then, I wake up 3 hours later to the sound of my 4 bongs hitting the floor when a stray cat jumped in my room through my window (had window open becouse ac went out yesterday) and knocked them all off of my desk. I then am like, well shit that really sucks, oh well they are just bongs, ill just buy a better bong, I always wanted a nice bong with precoolers,percs, and defusers so maybe ill just buy a better one when I can afford it. So I clean up then go to bed.

    A few hours later, I wake up, and decided togo to waffle house and get a bacon egg and cheese biscuit becouse its my day off to find that my front right tire on my tibby is flat. So I go threw the whole ordeal to get it up to wal mart on a donut and had to pay full price on a new tire (had warranty but long story short they wouldnt honor it becouse there machine was down) and finally get home and im like alright, time to smoke a bowl out of a quick home made bong (just drilled a hole with glass cutting bit in a jack daniels bottle and put a 5/8 inch down stem and put in a generic slide bowl) that works pretty good tbh. After I smoke the last of my weed I decide to play a little Counter Strike 1.6 on my 1200$ gamuing rig and when I turn the pc on I get a horrible sound threw my speakers and pc autimaticly shuts off. After being like wtf and trying it 3 more times (since im a little buzz) only to get the same result each time. and then I noticed my towel, still soak n wet (from my room mate) on top of my pc. She must of thrown it on there when she was done and water seaped in threw the top into my case and fried my whole rig. (just finished testing, everything but one of the graphics cards is shot). And then im like. "Fuck, oh well its just money, not a big deal, I only work at pizza hut 35 hours a week since economy sucks and make about 700$ a month where 500$ goes to bills, so yeah ill just slowly make money enough to build a new rig. Atleast its still my day off, and im high, so im going to enjoy it! Then, my boss called me in to work night shift.

    SO fuck my life! LIKE REALLY? All in one day, I go threw a bad break up and then all this shit happens. WTF, what could I of possibly done to deserve this shit? IDk why im having a pitty party, but I thought if anyone can relate to all of this shit happening in one day it would be other stoners. They know the pain of loosing a great piece(s). And a good bit of them are gamers so they can relate tot that too.
    Idk im still kinda high but really pissed. But the weeds helping me stay cool Lmao
  2. Damn that's rough...When I have a bad day I always think well at least I have a roof over my head and food on my plate. It seems to cheer me up.
  3. Great vibes bro.
    Also, Marathon, I am from Mobile too.
  4. wow that REALLY IS A SHITTY DAY! I'm sorry to hear that. that is some serious bad luck. Damn you have a lot of patience. I'd be pissed off by the time I found out about the gaming rig. I mean holy shit dude. WTF WAS SHE THINKING?? Who the hell throws a wet ANYTHING on an ELECTRONIC DEVICE of ANY SORT!

    I would have sold that new puppy of her's. But that's just me..
  5. YEah, I did get really pissed. And oh yeah, common curtisy would dictate ask your room mate if they would not mind a puppy in the house (i would of said I dont mind if she would of asked) and so she spend her rent money that month on a puppy
  6. Damn.. that really sucks.

    I'd get the money from my roommate. Im sorry but 1200 down the drain is too much, when it's not even my fault.

    The part about the dog eating the weed.. must've been a happy dog lol.

    The bong part is sad. :(

    The entire thread sucks in general (I mean your day, not the actual thread)

    Cheer up and smoke a nice joint :smoking:
  7. i dont know what to say man thats some shit luck lol. hope it all works out though man that's some bullshit fuhreal haha
  8. I'll help you get your day back on the right track

    rep +
  9. Can't fuck, can't smoke, can't game.

    Wow. I don't know what to say bro.
  10. dude that sucks so bad. i know how it feels to lose a girl, lose weed, lose a piece, and lose a gaming console (i know its different), but never have i lost all four at once!

    things will get better, sometimes when it storms, it storms hard, but theres always a sunny day ahead. it cant storm for too long without getting warm and sunny again...

    <sends good vibes your way>
  11. Oh, BTW, I like to play Counter Strike: Source when I'm blazed. :smoking:
  12. That really sucks, hopefully a bunch of good shit happens to you.
    Lol I know your day sucked, but I thought it was funny that all this sucky stuff would happen and you'd be all "Oh thats alright i'll figure out a way to fix it..." Till your boss calls you in and its like FFFuuuu
  13. ur room mate done fucked up homie . hope u have a better day 2morrow :hello:
  14. That's one fucked up day, sorry man but I hope that never happens to me.

    You should sent that bitch back to the kitchen.
  15. Pizza Hut workers unite! Jk but really man, thats rough. But you really kept your cool. I would have flipped a shit when my bong broke.:cool:
  16. i hate to say it but.....

    pics or gtfo

    noooo way does that much bad shit happen to any person living in such a short amount of time, either ur bsing, or ur the most unlucky motherfucka ever! lol
  17. Haha yeah, it was pretty shit, but as I clocked out , a friend asked if I wanted to buy his rig. I told him I didnt have any money but I have an old tippman 98 paintball gun. So I got a new to me rig, 250gb sata 2 hd, intel dual core 2 duo oced to 4.2ghz, 4gb ram, dvd burner, and i popped in my gtx 260 black edition from my good rig in some generic case. So i guess shit got a little better, this little budget rig just ran Mw2 like a champ

    Yeah, Im gonna talk to her about this bull shit, she has money, so I am gonna ask for 1000$, becouse the card was still good. Maybe tommorrow will kick ass and thanks for yalls replys. Just got off work and smoked a bowl out of the jack daniel bong.

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