Worst crap that could happen after smoking a bowl

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  1. I was in my apt with my boy and my mom wasn't home and I bought some salvia before (we had smoked a couple of bowls of weed) and I thought no one was going to be home for a couple hours. I packed a bowl and took a rip and passed it to gregand he gave it back, and I put it down on my bedside table and as soon as I do my arms begin to feel REALLY heavy and clumsy and had I taken longer, I could've dropped the bowl and broken it... I started going on a crazy trip-- my covers had this zig zag patterns on the corner and in the middle another nice african style print and I looked at it and thought that the bed was half of my body and that I had broken away from my lower side (which was the bed) and the patterns started taking a life of their own and warped into weird colorful doodling which was awesome. The I just couldn't stop LAUGHING. I was laughing so hard I fell from my chair and was on my knees gripping the bed with my arms to prevent from falling but I was doing a shitty job at that....

    So I'm laughing my ass off and my friend is too when my mom walks home and said hi as she walked in-- she was 15 feet from my wide-open bedroom door and heading towards it with a bunch of exotic (but mostly ineffective) legal drugs I bought online, and had some mushrooms and wild lettuce resin and crazy stuff like that...aside from a bowl with salvia in it right there.

    I pulled myself out my stupor and was able to gather everything under the bed in record time and she walks in and says, "what was so funny earlier?" I said nothin, and she started to detect that stuff was weird. She says to me- "did you do drugs?" I'm like holy shitttt inside and nonchalantly brushed it off my shoulders and said I needed the bathroom. Inside I was still deep under the effects of salvia and I couldn't even stand straight so when I get out of my room I brush against her pretty sloppily and she had a friend over and asked her if I looked high. I was so GONE! She ended up believing my ruse and like 5 mins later the salvia lost its hold and I was able to act normal so she didn't know what to make of it ....

    That night, needless to say, we proceeded to smoke a fat joint.
  2. Atta boy. Smoke that shit. LOL. I hate when shit like that happens. Completey ruins my high. I need to go smoke some more and its no fun for anyone. btw.

    fuck salvia
  3. salvia is legal though
  4. So what if you do drugs?
    I don't get it.
    It's your decision.
  5. He lives under his moms roof, which she probably supplies him with food and such, it's her house, her rules.
  6. i dont like salvia that much. but its funny howe much you fucking confused your mom like that haha.
  7. what up spruce, ya dude salvias fun once in a while but it gets to you if your in a bad mood. bad mood, bad idea.
  8. Does the opium lettuce resin work?
  9. wtf is salvia?
  10. Funny thing is it's usually always the mom that is suspicious. I came home one night with the tiniest eyes (no, not because im asian) and she asked if I had smoked weed. Ofcoarse denying it and ran straight to bed.:cool:
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