Worst buzz kill

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by crash420, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. A little while ago I was driving down the road with my friend in the passenger seat and we had just smoked a few bowls without rolling the windows down when we pass a cop with someone pulled over. I went around a corner and then seen some headlights behind me and it was the cop. He turned his lights on and pulled me over. I wasn't even thinkin about the smoke in the car and he came up to the passenger side so my friend rolled down the window and the smoke goes right in his face:eek: He asks me for my insurance and I couldn't find it so he has me get out of the car and does the stupid follow the pen with only your eyes test. I was scared as hell but luckily I passed it. Then I get back in the car and my friend was like What did he say. I told him and he said I was so scared. I told him, you were scared, I had to worry about messin up and gettin arrested and you just sat here and you were scared? I think the cop got a little high is why I got to go but that was the worst buzz kill ever for me.
  2. Dude, man I would of beeen scared off my ass.. I would of got out the car and just wlked to the back of the police car, then just sit in the back... woa! I'm not high right now but i always think of random thoughts, and just thinking about weed gave me one... are cop doors always open?
  3. Nah, his doors weren't open. Honestly I was completely calm on the outside but inside I was thinking I'm screwed. I can't explain the relief when he said just don't forget to signal when switching lanes and let me go.
  4. i call bullshit.
  5. that's hella dude but he didnt check for mary jane? he just did an alco test?

    btw my worst buzz kill when i needed to take a dump

  6. Why is that. I really doubt someone would come to GC to make up stories. Atleast I hope not. It sounds beleiveable to me.
  7. No not makin it up. Thank god he didn't check but the only place he would've found anything is on my friend. The reason I was calm is because I knew I had to be after searching franticly my proof of insurance and then not bein able to find it.
  8. dude, that happened to me once where it took me like 5 mins. to find my insurance. The cop was cool bout it, but i would've been so screwed if i didn't find it....it sucks when you know you have to frantically find something like that and the tension's just building up....props for passing the test. He didn't notice red eyes or anything?
  9. damn, that would make me wanna smoke so much.

    I highly doubt he got high, though.
  10. I'm pretty sure he noticed because he asked me if I had any alcohol or drugs that night which I just said no to. Glad he wasn't a dick about it though.
  11. i'm sure after smelling all of that smoke that the cop just let you off the hook...

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