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Worst bud you've ever seen or purchased

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by sleepy96, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. I know its happened to all of us, whether it be a steady dealer that got some bad shit, or a new connect that had some bad shit and just wanted cash. I want to hear the worst stories you have about the worst bags. lol. I know for all of us its a learning experience, and maybe will prevent others from getting in the same situation.

    So the worst bag I ever got..

    My friend ended up getting hit up by a dude trying to sell a pound for super cheap. He knew it wouldn't be amazing, but this shit takes the cake. The reason being, that the bud was shipped in diesel oil drums. Now my friend figured the bud would have been super sealed and not been contaminated, this was definitely not the case. The bud was almost black, and completely REEKED of fuel smell. Smoking produced thick nasty clouds, made you lightheaded to the point of passing out. NOT good, NOT good.

    Now, I was unaware of any of then when I set up to purchase this bud. And he tried selling me an ounce of this shit for $100. I committed to buying it before seeing it (HUGEEE MISTAKE), and he gave it to my bro to hold on to till I got into town and would pay him back. I was pissed to say the least when I saw it and smelled it, and knew I was stuck with it. This was a while ago; we have since made amends and he felt really bad for selling it to me, but that was shitty as fuck to say the least. lol
  2. yeah i remember this one bag i got awhile ago.
    it was just shit. the shittiest buds ever.
    it was like just plant matter, and all the trichomes dissapeared.
    was sooooo bad. only got like a $20 sack, but i let him know that was by far the worst bud i've smoked in a long time.
  3. SOmeone tried to sell me dirt in clumps and called it weed, i told him to go fuck
  4. got regs w maggots in it
  5. When i first started smoking i was buying regs from this ghetto broad. I payed 65 a half for mediocre weed and just kept buying it because it was all i could get. The last time i dealt with her(~6mo ago), she dropped off the bag at my friends and he was gonna giver her the money. I get there and its 12 grams of brown shake and a couple .5g buds. It tasted like it was sitting in her purse for a month and gave me terrible headaches. Found some new guys and have been getting headies since.
  6. I couldnt find any bud for a week and I met a friend of a friend of a friend who offered "fire mids" at 120 an oz. I bought it just because my whole town was dry.

    Oh my god what shit. It was more brown than green and it was so pressed together it was hard as a rock. I had a 14g nug that looked like it weighed 5g. Utter shit and I haven't gone back since.
  7. I once bought an eighth of dank without realizing it was sprinkled with sugar, pissed me right off. I ended up using it for edibles
  8. this was from my usually very reputable dank dealer... He told me he got me 1.8 for 20 im like ya ite thats straight.. this is dank only btw.. and i get in his car and he hands me this bag and I dont really check it cause hes usually really fair. man i get home and put it on the scale and its like 1.2 and shake.. im like fuuuuck. i text him about it and shit and he just replies like "its not that way"... the next day i get a call from him saying hes sorry and that he was trippin on some heavy shit yesterday. it felt good that he sent that but it kinda sketched me out for future purchases.

    btw this isnt the worst bag i ever had this just happened recently.... ive gotten some fucking dirt in a bag before.
  9. I guess I've been lucky in that I've been warned bud was bad before buying it. And it's never been brown. That being said, the worst was when I paid $10 for 2g. He said it was pretty bad so I wasn't pissed, but it just didn't give any high at all. I smoked that 2g in about an hour at a party and had a slight buzz. But it was only $10, so that's not bad.
  10. Stringy brown weed full of seeds and smells like ammonia..quite common back in the day boy did that shit suck
  11. By far the worst bud ive ever smoked hands down. it tasted like ass.

  12. you're doing pretty good if that's the WORST bud you've smoked. lol.
  13. This one time my friends invited me over to his place to go have a hard ounce sesh. When I got there, it turns out they bought a $60 ounce, and it all seems nice and dandy, but then I saw the herb and it was literally dirt clumps, literally. I could tell that at some point in time, it looked like weed, stress to say the most. But this was beyond stress, it was dirt clumps that had leaves that looked like bud in it.

    They spent $60 for an ounce of dirt that I could go to my local hardware store and buy several pounds of for $5.92

  14. Tha taste is what killed it for me. I couldnt even finish smokin my jay.
  15. well back in like 10th grade where I had shitty connects, I remember getting like a half 8th (which was like $25-$30 for me at the time) of some white widow. It was awful bud, like it didn't taste, look, or smell bad but it really like didn't get you high whatsoever.

    got some bud off this girl (who had a pretty bad reputation of being a nasty slut) in like 11th grade. It smelled kinda like shit. Not like you were full on holding a fresh turd under your nose, but like stinky undertones. I remember we rolled up a few blunts to mask the taste. Still got you high though, so meh. It was $10/g also, compared to the $20/g I was used to paying. Wasn't a bad deal per se, just he bud was nasty as fuck.

    about a month ago too, I got sold an ounce of hermie'd bud for $170. It was from what I perceived to be a 'friend', so I didn't even think to examine the bud before getting it. That pissed me the fuck off, that guy deserves whatever comes to him haha. Made a batch of brownies and got high as fuck from them, but it certainly wasn't an $170 batch of brownies.

    also got some 'sweet tooth' over the summer that tasted FUNKY, in kind of a bad way. Got me high, but still tasted weird.
  16. This happened yesterday off a usually good connect. I went in there, he handed me the bag real fast and said I had to leave. I look behind him and there's some real pissed off looking guys behind there. I said fuck it, paid him and left. I find out I got shorted like 2 1/2 grams and what I did get looked really pale, no trichomes, and it smelled horrible. I barely got high off it. Never going there again.

  17. Sorry to hear you got burned, but it sounds like he was in a less-than-ideal position himself
  18. From the looks of it, it seems like your connect won't be sticking around for much longer either.
  19. I once bought a quarter oz for 40$ it was some outdoor shit. It was by far the worst I've smoked. Was dark green not brown but did have a little crystals although if you smoked a full blunt you felt good. No where near as good as this amnesia kush I had the next day.

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  20. My pickup I got before my recenter one (night before last actually) was really fucking shitty. It was from the one Mexican dealer around here. Anyways, he gives me it and I hand him his money. I look at it later, it reeks like fucking pepper because they probably packed it in pepper to mask smells from shipping it from some shitty Mexican outdoor grow place. It was also the most compact shit ever, it only looked like a half gram until I took it out of the bag and broke it up. It took me a whole bowl to get a light high from it.

    Ended up smoking up a car with 2 girls and 2 other guys with the rest of it and made out with the 2 chicks because they don't smoke much and didn't know it was trash. Oh well, it was worth it just for that I guess.

    But my last pickup was godly, 3g for 40 bucks, Green Crack, fire as fuck.

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