worst birthday so far *long rant*

Discussion in 'General' started by POTSTYLZ, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. ok, the day is officially over in like 25 min. from now. Its been a shitty shitty straight from hell day. i woke up to my cell phone ringing my ex wifes special ringtone (its eminems song puke), only to find out surprise shes pregnant with the douche bag she cheated on me withs bastard kid. so great now my son has to grow up with the worlds dumbest baby and parents. Then i get to work and find out of the kitchen staff has been stealing food from our freezers, like alot of food. So immediately in the day i am going to have to fire a guy. I like the guy his kids play with my kid, hes an alright guy, but i have to patience for thievery in my place of business so i know what i have to do. The shit of that is, if he would have just asked for it, i probably would have let him have a good portion of what we didnt need. So I called him in, and said the camera has you on tape stealing from me, i cant have that, im sorry but im terminating your employment with us, as of today. I told him if wanted to finish out the shift to make a little extra cash he was welcome too, but i didnt expect it of him. So he starts screaming and yelling and i have to deal with that situation, as well as possible under the circumstances. I finally get off work for the day around 4, i took the night shift off cause of my birthday. I get home check my mail, nothing. check my voicemail nothing. My parents or any of my sisters didnt call me at all to say happy birthday. My brother did, and i give him serious credit for it, hes stationed in iraq but still managed to make the call. He and my girlfriend are the only 2 people of all these people that supposedly care about me remembered today was the day. Then when jennifer (my girl) decided to call my parents and ask why they didnt call they immediatly admit to forgetting and just try to placate me with money. I told them, i had money and didnt need theyre nor particularly care for it either. I know im ranting and raving and its small shit i know and it shouldnt even matter. but its really weighing heavy on my mind tonight and just needed to get it all out.
  2. they just get shittier as you get older dude.:)
  3. aww im sorry your birthday wasn't as great a day as it should have been..

    SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE! and i'll be lightin a bowl for you.
  4. oh yeah happy birthday bro!
  5. sounds like a shitty day.

    well look forward to tomorrow, i guarantee it wont be as bad.

    oh yeah, happy birthday. what number are you on now?
  6. Hey man, don't be so down. Kinda a shitty day but coulda been much worse. Lets look at the positives...

    - you have a job (manager im assuming?)
    - you have a girlfriend who cares about u
    - your bro called from iraq

    Just imagine if you had no job, no gf, and NOBODY called you on your b-day. Now that would suck.
  7. happy birthday man, but i still gotta say i think birthdays are fairly pointless and stupid, i mean everybody is born at sometime, your no diffrent from anyonelse, what makes someone so special on there birthday? the fact that they were uber extrememly lucky that they themselves were actually born, and that they could swim the fastest, if you know what i mean, hehe, besides in my opinion birthdays are just ways of counting up, and keeping track of approximatly how much time you have left till you die, sorry if this was a bit negative
  8. im 23 now.

    and as far as birthdays are concerned, you dont get many days in life that are yours. a moment in time where some major event in your life occured, i think all moments like that should be celebrated.
  9. i got my ass kicked on my birthday once
  10. Happy Rest of your Birthday dude. Hope at least this part is better.
  11. This is why I dedicate my birthdays to sitting around, not caring about my problems, eating meat and drinking beer.
  12. Heh, my birthday's are about as light as this.

    My dad and I roasted a lamb and bought two twelve packs of Guinness on my sixteenth birthday. After that, I didn't receive any gifts from anyone else and really didn't want or need any.

    Happy birthday Potstylz! At least you instilled some contempt in everyones' hearts so that the forgetful chumps remember next year!


  13. Dude...this is really the shittiest day ever. Sorry man. Happy birthday though, want me to send you a picture of a hot girl's ass to make it better?

    p.s. I'm totally joking :D
  14. Well said.
  15. Happy Bday and sorry it wasnt so good. You fired someone and i know that didnt help the cituation at all. Gl with everything!
  16. sucks dude.

    Happy b-day fron your GC family.....
  17. Happy Birthday, birthdays arent always the best day of the year... two years ago on my birthday my parents got arrested because of me
  18. i appreciate all your guys/girls happy birthday wishes. its good to know when regular family fucks up, the city family is there
  19. Birthdays?

    Those stopped to matter after I turned 11.
  20. its seriously weird how birthdays start to suck more and more after around 11-13, it just came over me, Christmas isn't half as special anymore, and you can just forget about the rest. But yeah, just see it as a day where you don't need to care about anything, its yours.
    So yeah, i fell sorry for you for not getting called, and all that shit happening, the worst thing is sitting wherever you are at the end of the day and knowing itll be over soon, youve just watched some complete garbage movie, and the whole day sucked. The next day youll feel shitloads better :D

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